Friday, May 8, 2009

Scented Pillow Liners by Sleep Scentasations

Sleep Scentsations is a company based in Houston, Texas, founded by two sisters that like so many of us were tired of the sleepless nights afforded by the stresses of modern living. Their team’s research was based on the effects aromatherapy, but the areas they found lacking and wanted to improve upon were costs and application. Finally, the idea materialized and took form in a product that is easy to use, allows for individual taste, can be taken anywhere with ease and will not break the bank: the Sleep Scentsations Pillow Liners.

The 12 scented liners currently range six categories (Botanical, Wellness, Fresh, Aromatherapy & Exotic), while additional scents are expected to debut. All the scents are based on the belief that scents can induce moods or memories to ensure an indulging sleep experience. As such, each scent is very evocative of a particular pleasant olfactive memory.

I was sent three samples of Sleep Scentsations’ scented pillow liners to try out during what is (incidentally) a very stressful period. Upcoming exams, papers and an endless to-do list have left me with an overactive, ruminating mind with the result that I end up sleeping late at night and waking up much too early in the morning, never quite managing to get sufficient rest. While the Sleep Scentsations pillow liners did not actually manage to extend my total hours of sleep they did give me a lot of pleasure and helped me to unwind.

The lightweight, thin liners are easy to use: they come individually packaged and easily adhere to the pillow. The scent seems very strong when they are taken out of the packet, but these are meant to be applied directly to the pillow, under the pillow case and to my surprise, the scent that wafts through is just right: neither too strong as to interfere with sleep, nor subtle enough to not be detected.

The scents I received were Day at the Beach (belonging to the Fresh category), Ginger & Amber (Exotic category) and My Boyfriend’s Shirt (Sensual category).

Of these, Day at the Beach was easily my favorite. Its scent is a twin of Bond No. 9’s Fire Island and Bobby Brown’s Beach, meaning it too simulates the scent of Coppertone sunscreen, but without the harshness either of these two perfumes has. Using it as a pillow liner was extremely pleasurable, especially since all I dream about lately is summer vacation and an escape from all the have-tos in my life. With salty, breezy overtones and the deep, creamy, summery scent of Coppertone, I felt as if I was lying on my beach towel after a swim, saturated as it tends to be with salt and sun cream. I’d happily use this one again and again, just to relive the feeling of being on the beach. I am surprised however this is sorted in the Fresh category. To me this spells Exotic!

Ginger & Amber combines the scent of the fragrantly sweet, white-floral scent of white ginger lily and amber. The scent is smoothed out by powdery notes and a gentle aqueous, melon-like overtone (think the aquatic, melon top note of Allure Sensuelle to get an idea). While it did not awaken any particular memories or images, the exotic scent was very pleasing and the slightly fresh aqueous overtones did impart a cooling sensation, so much needed for a good night’s sleep.

I did not manage to fully test My Boyfriend’s Shirt. I hated it! The scent is strong and overwhelming and completely unfitting (in my opinion) to the purpose of unwinding due to its energizing nature. My Boyfriend’s Shirt smells like a blast of generic men’s cologne, like a spray of Axe deodorant in the face! Definitely not for me.

The other scents in the line are: Bliss (mandarin and vanilla) and Relaxing (lavender, bergamot, cedar) in the Aromatherapy category, White Tea & Lily and Wild Flower (tobacco flower, white ginger lily & freesia) in the Botanical category, Fresh Cut Grass in the Fresh category, Shanghai Nights (flowers & musks) in the Exotic category, Cold RX (A therapeutic blend of essential oils formulated to stimulate relief of sinus headache, chest congestion, coughs and other cold symptoms) and Snore RX (A therapeutic blend of essential oils formulated to suppress snoring and provide a more restful night’s sleep) in the Wellness category and Seduction (vanilla, mandarin, amber, honey) in the Sensual category. Each set of 8 costs $19.99 with the exception of the Wellness liners which retail for $24.99 per set of 8.

According to the company’s website, the liners in the Aromatherapy and Wellness categories should not be used by pregnant women as they contain essential oils.

Images: and Flickr by B@ni


The Daily Connoisseur said...

This is such a good idea... I've always loved lavender aromatherapy pillows and sometimes bring a small one with me when traveling by plane. Too bad My Boyfriend's Shirt didn't smell good- I liked the sound of that! I'm definitely going to try these out. Thanks! xo

ScentScelf said...

I sometimes spritz a floral water or homemade blend on the sheets...or at least used to...tricky business, that, because the wrong thing, or the wrong night, or heaven forbid the combination of both, are a recipe for headache disaster.

OTOH, in the right way, with the right scent...delightful.

I'll be you could spritz a hankie, slip it under the case, and have the same effect, but more environmentally conscious. I can see these as being nice for travel...or as a gift.

Thanks for another fabulous Ms. D review!