Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Offers Roundup

Still struggling to come up with the perfect gift for mother’s day? The holiday is just a week away, so here’s a roundup of all the beautiful things that caught my eye!

Ormonde Jayne says Mother Knows Best… and I can’t help but agree. The British niche perfumery is taking the guesswork out of gift giving by offering a sample program and a gift card. The sample program (35 GBP with complimentary postage worldwide) contains all eleven fragrances –and you’ve got to trust me, there’s something to love for everyone- in a chic black coffret. Once a choice has been made, the gift card can be used at the boutique in Old Bond Street or over the phone. The gold and glass stoppers of the pure parfum can be engraved with two initials, for that extra little touch of luxury. Prices: EdP 50ml: 58 GBP. Parfum 50ml: 112 GBP

Mindful of your budget but still looking for something that is niche, luxurious and special? Impossible? Of course not. Korres, a cosmeceutical brand from Greece, has rapidly become an international success and a favorite with beauty editors the world over. Treat your mom to a Wild Rose Lip Butter ($9.00), a luscious tinted lip-balm that provides sheer color and deeply hydrates lips with shea butter. Also available in Guava, Pomegranate and Quince. But for that price why stop there? Make it a goody-bag and include the Kings & Queens Royal Favorites Set ($8.00). The Kings & Queens shower gels have become favorites with perfumistas for their unusual fragrances, scented with aromas (such as myrrh, pepper & tobacco) usually found in niche perfume creations.
The particular set contains the following showergels: Nefertiti Honey, Chinese Princess Jasmine, Queen Isabella Cinnamon Orange, Emperor Akbar Mango, and Sultan of Granada Lemon Flower. These and more Korres products can be found among other places at Sephora, Nordstrom and select Douglas stores.

Leave it to the Bond No. 9 team to make our jaws drop on all the important holidays! Bond No. 9 and Swarovski have teamed up again to create three new Swarovski-encrusted bottles. The three lucky perfumes to be getting the blindingly beautiful Swarovski Star Makeover are Nuits de Noho (vivid sapphire), The Scent of Peace (rich amethyst) and Chelsea Flowers (golden topaz). The Bond No. 9 Swarovski Stars Limited-Edition flacons have arrived in May, just in time for Mother’s Day, but they will be available for the remainder of the year. The not-very-recession-friendly price for each 50ml bottle is $550. But you can still give mom that Bond No. 9 excitement (not to mention pampered skin) without the hefty price tag too: Bond No. 9 has just introduced 24/7 New York Liquid Silk, eight brand new body smoothers to both soothe and scent the skin. Each 200ml lotion costs $90 and the available scents are: Bryant Park, Astor Place, Chelsea Flowers, Eau de New York, Nuits de Noho, The Scent of Peace, West Side and of course, the ever popular Chinatown.

Finally, one of my favorite indie perfumers, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has just started her own fabulous Mother’s Day sale yesterday. The discounts are great and the variety is dizzying, so you are sure to have great fun shopping for mom! Here’s what the marvelous Dawn has in store for you this Mother’s Day:
* All Garden Bathe Aromatherapy products – 15-25% off
* All DSH New Creations Oil Essences – 15% off
* Perfection & Les Rouges Collection Boxes – 15% off (A perfect gift for mom!)
* Selected Sweet Dreams & Luckyclover products (Essence Studio Collection) – 15% off
* Selected Limited Editions by Parfums des Beaux Arts Body Products – 25% off

And as if that wasn’t enough, if you enter member code POL, MUA or PAM, you receive an extra 10% off! The sale lasts until the 17th of May. Can you resist treating yourself too? Click here to start browsing!

6 comments: said...

Bond No. 9.

Ines said...

And I was trying so hard not to spend anymore money. :) I see I'm not lonely when I think Korres has absolutely magnificent products. All of what I tried has been wonderful. And I'm off to see what's available at DSH... :)

Gia said...

So when you order a Ormonde Jayne sample set you get a gift card too? I tried to order, but no such thing as a complementary gift card. Did I misunderstand?

Divina said...

Yeah I really like Korres too Ines :) Although I was a little disappointed by the trio of fragrances this year (a unisex, a masculine and a feminine). If I remember correctly the masculine was the most interesting of the 3.

Divina said...

Gia, the idea is to buy a sample set and a gift card (i think Sephora does something similar?). On the website of Ormonde Jayne when clicking on "online boutique" you can check out both the sample program and the gift card. Gift card values start at 25 GBP. Sorry if this wasn't so clear in my post. I thought including the edp and pure perfume prices at the end clarified.


Adorable! I love the combination of the two ideas & whoppers-Yum! Makes for the sweetest gift! ;O)I have liked your blog. I will come again to your site. Keep it up!