Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Top 5 this Spring

Shapeless see-through shifts, 80’s inspired man-jackets that make me think of Don Johnson circa Miami Vice, garish combinations of colors, high-waisted trousers of tent-like proportions we’d need stilts to make work, hand painted silks noone but a fashion victim would want to wear (why, Dries?), matronly full-skirts and florals, florals, florals - the only one of the aforementioned spring trends the high-street has decided to put its money on, resulting in racks upon racks of yellow-black-white floral print dresses. (I blame YOU Gucci!) .... Clearly, our wallets are safe this season.

...Not so fast.
There’s still the spring scent wardrobe to consider!
The weather is getting warmer and warmer, but have you brought out your spring scents yet? Looking for a couple of things to sniff? Fragrance Bouquet and For the Love of Perfume offer suggestions! Here’s what I’m wearing this spring.

5. Antonia’s Flowers by Antonia’s Flowers:

This is my chase-away-the-blues go-to scent. One of the few perfumes I only wear inside the house, it is the perfect antidote to grey weather, which unfortunately, we get a lot of here in Holland even in Spring. When the weather is gray while it should have been blue, Antonia’s Flowers is sure to bring back all the joyous feelings I associate with spring in my mind. Green lush grass and light, watery freesias make for an uplifting combo that never fails to make me smile. It gets extra points for its dissonant, musty, mildewy note that reminds me of the smell of the actual bulb. (full review here)

4. Laura by Laura Biagiotti

Last year I wrote a little tribute to Laura, a fragrance that has been part of my collection for many, many years. At the time, it felt like a farewell, since I thought I had grown out of it. This spring, however, finds me with a brand new bottle. What happened, you ask? Well, it often happens that I get even more enamored with a fragrance after I write about it. In the case of Laura, my love was rekindled after my original review. If you haven’t smelled this one yet, do so, at least for reference: It is a great example of a wonderful aquatic perfume. It is a genre that gets a lot of bashing in the perfume-blogging circle, but it should not be forgotten that it too, has its gems. Ethereal, romantic, beautiful, feminine, it is a perfect springtime scent. What gets me every time though, is its unique musky finish. I’ll keep returning for that. (full review here)

3. Hanami by Annayake

Truly, the scent of spring. Early morning dewdrops and showers of swirling petals. The process of countless buds blooming, right there on your skin. Whenever I think about this scent, I have to go and wear it immediately, because the promise of its absolutely marvelous trail following me around all day is just impossible to resist. This ultra feminine scent carries well from morning to evening, but somehow feels better in less formal dresses and natural fabric clothes, like linen suits. It is an absolute delight. One word of warning: Unlike the autumn and winter Annayake scents, this needs extra care when applying. A very little goes a long way. (full review here)

2. A la Nuit by Serge Lutens

Serge Luten’s A la Nuit is my favorite nighttime spring scent. Not only is its narcotic scent absolutely lethally sexy, but also the associations I have with the bloom in question mean that whenever I wear it I get a mood-boost, in anticipation of the summer holidays that are not too far away. It is simply perfect for those nights when it is still chilly enough to throw something light on my shoulders, yet warm enough to enjoy drinking wine outside on a terrace with my friends. (full review here)

1. Tigresse by Nicole Lenzen & Yosh

The most stunning, mouthwatering fruity-floral scent I’ve smelled all year as well as one of the best and most memorable scents I’ve smelled all year, period. I have upgraded from a tiny sample to a tiny, precious bottle and I am loving every single drop. I wore this one lately with a fabulous spring silk dress with bold colors of turquoise and fuchsia and it seemed like the colors of the outfit were becoming saturated and brighter themselves. That’s how bright and impressive this is. My whole world becomes brighter when I wear it. Lillies, figs and gorgeously fresh peppermint make for a glorious combo that goes beyond the call of duty and creates a fantastic impression of pristine waterfalls, lush trees, flower nectar, singing birds, fruit sap and everything else that says ‘paradise on earth’ to me. (full review here)

PS: I just might buy one of those Don Johnson mannish jackets.

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PinstripedZebra said...

Florals is the new trend this spring? So I can finally wear my Hawaii-shirts, which have been in the back of the closet since the 80's, again? Cool!

Laura, that must be one of my favorite scents...Very sexy and just a great aroma!

I would love to see you in a 'Don Johnson-esque' attire Divina. I think you are one of the only persons on this world who can pull that one of with style!


Divina said...

Oh, lol, Z! Full of flattery this morning! hihihihi =^.^=

As for Hawaian shirts...may I suggest saving them for your summer destination? Pairing them with heavy, expensive leather thongs or very simple white Superga shoes would work :) But for the record, I don't think Hawaian shirts work in the city..ever! But that's just me.

Thank you so much for the sweet compliments this morning :) Lots and lots of hugs!

Anonymous said...

Where can I find Tigresse??? God does this sound fabulous!


Jenavira13 said...

I admit I am getting a bit of a hoot seeing all these florals on blog Divina; in general I associate you with intense spicy orientals. Seconding save the Hawaiian shirts for summer.

Divina said...

Hi Christine :) You can buy Tigresse either directly from Nicole Lenzen's official website ( or from Luscious Cargo ( It goes without saying, I am not affiliated with either.

Divina said...

Ah, Jen, I am an equal opportunity perfume buyer, lol :) You are right though I do love my spices and my orientals! And when they come together, it usually is a recipe for success! The true 'me' scents, are scents that in my eyes have that "crack of the whip" I have spoken about so many times :) Paloma Picasso, Rose Cardin, Oud Ambre, Montana Parfum de Peau. I am now starting to become really contemplative.. I actually deleted a couple of lines. Hmm. I wonder what it all means. Would love to discuss this with you.