Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Winner Nina (Original/Classic) by Nina Ricci

Goodmorning everyone!
The winner of last week's draw for a sample of Nina by Nina Ricci is Tamara! Results were obtained by random.org.

I regularly post on Mondays but yesterday proved quite impossible since I was dog tired after my exam and promptly fell asleep when I came home. I wish I could make up for it today, but I have classes starting in half an hour, so we'll have the regular post tomorrow as usual.
Wishing you all a wonderful day.



Sue said...

Hang in there, hun and no worries about the post - after all your exams I'm sure you needed the sleep!

Hugs from a fellow student,

Divina said...

Sue, it was so nice to read your comment when I came home last night! It really made me feel good. Hugs back to you sweetheart.


TMH256 said...

Oh Yipeeee!!! I'm so excited Divina!! Thank you so much sweetie. What a great week it's been!