Monday, April 14, 2008

Ensalada Mista

I tried to be a trooper most of last week and managed to post on both Monday and Wednesday... As some of you perhaps read in the comment section I have been suffering from the flu, yet again. Friday morning I was taken to the doctor because I was suffering such pain that I thought the neighbors were bound to come knocking at my door to see what all the screaming was about. I seem to be getting better, but I am still super disappointed I had to cancel my birthday party. Yes, I just had my birthday! That was yesterday. Even though I can smell and wear perfume just fine, today I am posting a list of little thoughts and ideas, little loose ends that don’t fit anywhere else instead of a review. Now, sit back and enjoy today’s light, healthy and easily digestible entree: Ensalada Mista.

· I didn’t write anything about Commes des Garcon’s Luxe series the first time I sniffed them, but lately I had the chance to retest them. I was expecting Champaca to make me go weak at the knees since I had heard so many good things about it, but it actually left me rather underwhelmed. Unexpectedly, it was the Patchouli that really blew me away. I don’t know how they did it, but it is actually salty. It is one of the most savory scents I have ever experienced, and that says a lot since many of the perfumes that are actually touted as salty don’t really come across as such to me. Really innovative and unique, this has to be experienced at least once.

· Another one I was expecting more from was Gold 8.88, one of the newer CDG releases. Supposedly approximating the ‘imaginary smell of gold’, Gold 8.88 left me cold. I have not tested this one on skin yet, so I reserve the final verdict until then. The fact that the scent failed to inspire me to spray it on my skin (especially considering the fact it cannot be found around here), is however, rather telling.

· Yet another of CDG’s recent releases did manage to do the trick though: Monocle Hinoki might suffer from a rather whimsical if unattractive name, but the jus is utterly fabulous. There is a beautiful, earthy smell of pine that instantly reminded me of Jenavira’s comment on my review of Miyako. Indeed, I was also reminded of Miyako the instant I sniffed Monocle Hinoki. The smell does make one daydream of a Japanese landscape. Deep, woody and mossy at the same time, I suspect this is going to be well liked by lovers of woody scents. And it deserves to be: it is beautiful.

· Time for a little confession: I hate EL’s Tuberose Gardenia. Every time I come across it, I have a little sniff in a desperate effort to understand what all the raves are about. It is time to give up. This one’s certainly not for me.

· Have you smelled EL’s Bronze Goddess yet? Did you detect any difference between Bronze Goddess and Azuree Soleil? No? Neither did I. I guess we’ll see how I feel when I do an actual side-by-side comparison, but honestly, if there is a difference it is miniscule.

· Even though I enjoy flipping through glossies, I never buy any magazines except from Allure, which gives me way too much pleasure to forgo purchasing it. I reason that I can find the same things on the internet and the money that would have been spent on mags is better spent elsewhere. But as I already mentioned, I have been holed up in the house due to the flu lately, so kindly loved ones have decided to spoil me with care packets filled with biscuits and glossies. In this month’s Dutch Cosmo I was intrigued to find three different layering (!) combos! Admittedly, they sound pretty freaky, but nevertheless, I was stunned to find a perfume feature that was not just repeating a pr blurb. Cosmo suggests combining Trusardi Inside and First for a sensual result, Jil Sander’s Style Summer with Ange ou Demon if you’re going for a romantic effect and Lacoste’s Dream of Pink with Allure Sensuelle for an energetic cocktail. How is that going to turn out energetic is anyone’s guess... Still, I am curious. I am going to give it a try when I finally feel good enough to escape the confines of the house. Will you?

· I am planning to add a new feature to Fragrance Bouquet, called “Fragrance Bouquet Loves...”. The plan is to write posts about things I love, things that receive Fragrance Bouquet’s seal of approval, so to speak. These will range from shops I love to beauty products and the reason for writing up on them is mostly for me to have an outlet for my enthusiasm. I deliberated long and hard about this, but in the end I decided to go for it, cause I think it will be such fun. These posts are not going to be a regular feature, which means they will only crop up if there is something that has made me sufficiently enthusiastic. Additionally, they are not meant to take the place of the regular perfume posts, but are rather an addition, so there will be just as many posts on perfume as before per week. “Fragrance Bouquet Loves...” posts will only ever come as extra reading, not as a replacement to a scheduled perfume post.

· It’s not just me who’s celebrating a birthday: Fragrance Bouquet’s Birthday is coming up too! Tomorrow, Fragrance Bouquet will be one year old. So, tomorrow there will be the first “Fragrance Bouquet Loves...” feature to celebrate this new Bouquet year with a little giveaway of the product I am going to feature. Admittedly, it is not something ultra-special, but it is something I love and have bought with my own money for a random reader. :)

Do you have a mixed dish of your own to serve up? Any thumbs up or down for things you’ve happened upon lately? Any thoughts you’d like to share? I’d love to read them :)

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Anita said...

Hi, and I hope you are feeling much better very soon, as that flu sounds miserable! My comment has to do with the flower photo - I have always heard this called *bleeding heart*, and I'm wondering what the real name is, do you know? It is a spring favorite, in any case! Looking forward to tomorrow's post. :)

Italian girl said...

How can you be sick again?? I feel so bad for you.. You may be pushing yourself too hard with your studies, take care...
I have to agree with you and now I know why i like you and your blog so much--I don't like Estee' Lauders Tuberose Gardenia EITHER.. Hah... great minds/nose think/smell alike..
i hope you feel better..

PinstripedZebra said...

Dear Divina,

Congratulations with your and Fragrance Bouquet's birthday, both are momentous occasions! I look forward to seeing the new feature and wonder what will be in the Fragrance Bouquet Loves posts.

Too bad you are sick again, that is just not cool!


Divina said...

Hi Anita, thank you so much for the get-well wishes. I hope I am up and about soon as well, I am about to go crazy from sitting around in the house :P

As for the plant, isn't it gorgeous? It is a type of Dicentra plant: this particular one is Dicentra Spectabilis but there are many more species, like Dicentra Alba, Dicentra Candy Hearts, Dicentra King of Hearts, Dicentra Ivory Hearts etc, etc. My favorites are Dicentra Spectabilis and Dicentra Alba, because they have the most rounded shape, so reminiscent of actual hearts. In greek we call it an "Earring Plant". :)

Divina said...

Italian Girl dearest, I am wondering the very same! How can it be? It is the third time in the last one and a half months! I think you are right, I think it is exhaustion. I am really pushing myself... But it's just a couple of months now until the last exam and until the play I am directing is actually staged and until all the big responsibilities are over for a while. I am just trying to keep it up, can't give up now. *hugs* Thank you for your concern, sweetie.

I had to laugh by the way! I am so glad I finally find someone else who doesn't like Tuberose Gardenia either! Yay! We really have similar likes and dislikes, don't we? :)

Divina said...

Dear Z, I can't believe it's been a year! Thank you for your support and kind words. As for Fragrance Bouquet Loves, I already have so many things I want to showcase! They are probably going to be smaller posts, but fun nevertheless. I really like writing features for the Bouquet, you know? I miss the street feature I used to do, but the weather stopped me somewhere in winter and I haven't picked it up again so far. Maybe soon again!

Carol Sasich said...

Dearest divina,
I must come out of lurk-dom to bring get well wishes , I so enjoy reading your blog !
Happy Birthday !! Twice !!
What do I love ?
Sniffapalooza , just got back and we are all giddy and exhausted...
Much love, Carol Sasich

Linda said...

Dearest Divina,
I am so sorry that you had to cancel your birthday celebrations, and I really hope that you are now able to recover from your flu after your visit to the doctor's. You must take care of youself. But a happy birthday anyway!
Also - wow, I did not realise that FB is now one year old, and believe me, it's getting better all the time. I'm looking forward immensely to reading your new posts...

Divina said...

Yay for delurking! Thank you so much for the get-well wishes! I've been feeling much better in the last couple of days. I wish I could have been at the sniffa too! One day when you ladies come to Europe I so hope to meet you all!

Divina said...

Linda, these words mean so much to me! I always try to re-evaluate the quality of writing and the direction of this blog. My first and foremost concern is that the readers are having fun and that they can find a wide spectrum of fragrances to explore while visiting. From male to female, from new to vintage, from cheap to expensive, from exclusive to widely distributed... Thank you, thank you always for your wonderful comments.

Hugs to you!