Thursday, April 26, 2007

L'Eau Trois by Diptyque : Perfume Review

Words could never describe how I feel about this perfume, but I will give it a try even though I’ll probably do my heart that beats to its rhythm injustice. L’Eau Trois must be one of the most unique fragrances I have ever had the joy of experiencing. I am a great lover of chypres and even though this is not traditionally identified as one, to my nose and heart it feels and behaves like one. But that does not even come into play in my mind when I think of all the reasons why I love it so. Diptyque aimed to capture the “scent of the mountainous coastline of Northern Greece” and having grown up just there I feel justified in saying that I know for a fact, they have done an outstanding job. The name too fits with Greece, even though that was most likely not the intention of the makers. Presumably they named it L’Eau Trois because it was their third perfume in the line, but orthodoxy being so tightly embedded in the way of life of the Greeks, I cannot help but think of the meaning of “three” and the role of the holy trinity in Greek daily life.

I moved away from my home country at the age of 18 and even though it is a decision I do not regret, I can’t help but feel a deep longing for it from time to time. Sensory input, in the form of sights, sounds and smells often creates the unsettling feeling of pained longing and nostalgia in my heart. I know this scent so very well... It is the scent that wafts from the hillsides and valleys in the summer as the sun bakes the herbal vegetation and shrubbery mercilessly. This is not the scent of spring or winter. This scent does not come through in shade or moisture. This is the marriage of the burning sun and the blessed herbs that withstand it. Oregano is the most prominent of those herbs, its herbal and somewhat sour character perfectly blended with thyme, myrtle, rosemary and pine. And this is all it is; I just don’t know how they captured the sun. The lasting power is excellent on my skin and I get moderate sillage out of it. I become irrationally possessive at times with this perfume, as though noone else could discover its meaning. It makes me bite my lip with shame. And then I smile, because I know I am wrong: there is a reason why it is still in production in spite (or perhaps because) of its difficult and unique character: Others have walked the same paths. Perhaps they even drove in a car with the window open just as I have, on the same roads. In the same sweltering heat, squinting their eyes because of the same glaring sun. Engulfed by the same aromatic and herbal smells. Unable to keep the smile off their face because of the prospect of the beach and crystal clear azure water that awaits them. I am not alone.

Both pictures are from Chalkidiki in Northern Greece. (alt. sp.: Halkidiki) Sources: and


chayaruchama said...

Good Morning, Divina !

I may be slow-
I just uncovered your new blog.
Congrats !
You write so well, very evocatively.
A pleasure to read.

How lovely, that this scent feels authentic and true for you !
I'll have to re-sniff, with different eyes...

Be well-

Zebra said...

You are definitely not alone! I remember driving together with the love of my life, along the coast of Chalkidiki with the windows open. L'Eau Trois is remenisant of that, tantalizing and makes me smile to think I will smell the real thing again in just a couple of months! I imagine it must smell different for everyone and different per wearer too.

Keep having fun with your blog here, it is a very nice place to hang out!


TMH256 said...

Another fantastic, beautifully written review D. Yours is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. :-) As Chaya Ruchama said, this piece evokes images and emotions so well!


Divina said...

Good Afternoon Chaya, Zebra and Tmh! Thank you so much for the comments! Your words mean SO much to me. I hope you'll all feel the same tomorrow with the review I am preparing :P I am a little uncertain about it... but I hope it will still be ok!

helg said...

It is heart wrenching and warming to see that this is speaking to you through those associations. I was transported to glorious Halikidiki there for a moment and I have to thank you for that :-)

Divina said...

*hugs* Hiii Helg! Now of course I want to hear what you think about L'Eau Trois!! I'll drop you a mail about it!