Monday, April 16, 2007

Aimez Moi (Love me), by Caron : Perfume Review

Aimez Moi is the siren song of a nyad. As captivating as it is deceptive, this floral creation is a force to be reckoned with. If Aimez Moi was a woman she would appear gentle and romantic. She would appear as the stereotype of purity and gentle, effortless beauty. The unsuspecting victims would let their guard down around her and even though none would be able to deny her obvious charm, they’d only acknowledge it and try to turn their attention elsewhere. But wherever the hapless victims would turn, her seemingly naive and innocent wide blue eyes would follow. “Aimaiz moi?” she’d whisper inquisitively. “Aimaiz moi” the same whisper would confirm, almost to itself, with a strange conviction this time. “Aimaiz moi!” it’d call out a little louder next, with a hint of a giggle. And it’d go on, repeating the same holophrastic sentence, the siren call, over and over again.

And there is truly no escape anymore, the target is caught in the netting of the shyest violet enveloped in the powder of iris, held together by dew of clean sweet musc and peppered with a little dust. A violet perfume so subtle, it makes all violets in nature wilt with shame for their brashness.

The first image is courtesy of The second image is “Siren” by John William Waterhouse.

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