Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Imperial Opoponax by Les Nereides : Perfume Review

One has to give Imperial Opoponax some time to settle on the skin, because when first applied it really does not show its true colors. It starts off quite zingy and sharp, with a herbal, medicinal quality that I, personally, found unpleasant. Yes, the beautifully resinous Opoponax is there, present in the opening, but it is not well behaved. The top notes of citrus oils cover its sweetness and lend a very masculine quality to it. In fact, this perfume never becomes quite feminine. I would say that it can be worn equally comfortably by men and women alike, a genuine unisex perfume. After a while its medicinal tendencies abide and one can begin to appreciate the blend of vanilla and opoponax, gently tinged by chamomile flowers. Some have described it as a winter, comfort scent, but to me, Imperial Opoponax is unequivocally a spring perfume. No other season suits it better in my eyes. It craves for the sun, but also for the sweet cool breeze of spring, lest the rays of the sun warm it too much. While wearing it, I keep getting gentle wafts of baby talcum powder and lightly perfumed skin. It is a pleasant little scent, not particularly complex and not particularly well blended either. But I guess it never tried to be those things either. What you see, is what you get as they say. If it was slightly animalic, we might well become lovers. As it is though, it has none of the qualities I look for in a perfume worthy of full-bottle purchase. But I will savor my little sample and find the opportunity to wear it sometime on a picnic, lying in the shadow of a big tree, next to a river. We’ll make a little memory together and then part our ways without shedding any tears.

Top picture: Opoponax resin, courtesy of
The second picture is from the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, my favorite place to go for a picnic. Courtesy of

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