Friday, September 24, 2010

Sample Winner Euterpe

Hey guys! The winner of last week's draw for the sample of Euterpe is Tarleisio! Apologies for not having the time to post a screenshot of the randomizer I always use with the results, or any post this week - it's been CRAZY! I started an assistanship in research next to my master and I have to understand the project. I also started Japanese classes. Will I have time to do everything? I hope so! Anyway, that's a quick note from me this week. Hopefully more next week as I have more things to review waiting in my samples bags!

Tarleisio please mail me your details and I'll get the sample out to you by Wednesday or so!


tarleisio said...

Squeeeeeeeee! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Fortuna, for choosing me! I'll send you an email with my mailing details, Divina, and of course it goes without saying that I'll even review it, too!

Although I can only hope to do it half so well as you!

Thank you again for making it possible. (You've also made my weekend!) I'm so excited to be given an opportunity to try it!

tarleisio said...

PS: Contact me through my Gmail account if you can, since I keep getting a mailer daemon for some reason when I try to use the email address listed here, said...

Congratulations. I have heard good things about this fragrance.