Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exams - Be Back Soon

Hi everyone,

I am sure you noticed things have been a little slower lately. That's because I've been studying for exams the last two weeks. I've got seven days left before my last exam and I really have to focus right now cause it's a tough one. I'll be back with reviews in a week's time, on the 3rd of June.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Starring…! Fragrances (Part 2): The Diva & Almond White Cake Reviews

On Monday we took a look at Starring… Fragrances’ philosophy, website, services and their sweet body products. As promised, today we’ll conclude the in depth-look in this niche line with reviews of two fragrances.

I was sent two samples to try (one oil-based, one alcohol-based) and I am very happy to report that not only does the scent of the perfumes correspond to exactly what you’d expect from the descriptions (playful, fun, exuberant indie scents that are very faithful to the listed notes) but also that the quality is of high standards, with clear evolvement, great lasting power and excellent projection. Too, if you do not like oil-based scents have no fear: all available fragrances are also offered in alcohol format as well. Before getting on with the reviews, I also have to say that I was very impressed with how highly concentrated these perfumes are - I’d venture that they are at least EdP strength.

The first perfume I tried was The Diva, belonging to the Leading Ladies Collection. This absolutely incredible gourmand presents such a life-like explosion of notes to the senses, it had me travelling down memory lane. Growing up, my favorite cake of all was Black Forest Gateau and it still remains my number one indulgence. As a child my mom was bemused by my choice (“How prosaic, darling..!”) and the occasions when I could actually convince her to buy it for the house or for friends was rare. Perhaps due to the craving left unsatisfied I have developed an extreme fondness for this confectionary delight and stubbornly (but with great satisfaction!) serve it at each and every one of my birthday celebrations ever since I can remember. The Diva unfailingly delivers the most realistic rendition of Black Forest Gateau in its top notes (The boyfriend declared “I don’t know if it smells like perfume, but I want to eat you!” and that’s good enough for me!). The genius of Black Forest lies in the combination of devilishly rich chocolate and cool sour cherries. The function of the sour cherry freshness is of course to cleanse the palate of the luxurious chocolate and to keep it from overwhelming. This is exactly what happens with this perfume: beautiful, lavish, bittersweet chocolate is tempered by the fruity freshness of cherries and is rendered luxuriant by a dose of Kirsch spirit, just as in the real deal. As the fragrance evolves, delightful red, fresh strawberries peek through the lashings of chocolate, slowly replacing the cherries. Again, the fruit is incredibly realistic. Raspberries, the freshest, most aromatic and pungent of berries start showing through even further down the line and will continue to accompany the darker scents far into the drydown. The chocolate itself becomes progressively calmer, till it reaches a stage that it is no longer perceptibly edible but takes the form of deep, dark cacao. At this point, the base notes truly shine, with a moist, earthy patchouli taking center stage, caressed by musk and subtle hints of rose petals. The deep drydown finds the raspberry and patchouli becoming ever more abstract, leaving an aromatic, dark feminine whisper on the skin.

The White Almond Cake might be listed on the site under the “Single Note Scentsations” category, but in reality this is a non-linear scent with its own evolvement. It starts out with delightful, intense bitter-sweet Amaretto and goes on to reveal yummy butter-cookie dough infused with orange peel and light hints of cloves. Mmmmm! The bitter almond scent is so convincing and strong, it is a huge surprise that the scent evolves past that, but evolve it does. The almonds get progressively subtler and softer, all the while caressing the skin with their nourishing, comforting scent. Soon, a sugar accord manifests, glazed and positively edible. I am not sure if all readers will be familiar with what I am about to say, but the scent mimics the scent of candied almonds exactly! No, I am not talking about the white bridal sugared almonds, I am talking about the candied roasted almonds with the delightfully crispy crust. Yum! As strange as it sounds, White Almond Cake manages to capture the crunchy, sugary/nutty scent and project it over a bed of cream. As time goes by, the scent becomes milkier (and ever more comforting I might add). Adding incredible warmth, cinnamon blooms on the skin and stays strong, lively and spicy to the very end, over a golden brown, sweet ambery accord. This might be completely out of season now, but it will make an incredible, festive holiday scent. I crave to wear this when it’ll be snowing outside.

Images: www.starringfragrances.com, flickr by mwri, flickr by busymommy, www.notenexpres.nl & Flickr by 00dann

Monday, May 18, 2009

Starring…! Fragrances: An In-Depth Look at A New Niche Line (Part 1)

Well, I am excited. As I have already mentioned, it’s been all about the comfort of gourmand fragrances with me lately and I’ve hit the motherload with my discovery of Starring…! Fragrances. Starring…! Fragrances is a small, Los Angeles based niche fragrance line created by actresses Courtney and Ashley Peldon, dedicated not only to providing unique, hand-crafted scents, but also to a green philosophy with respect to the environment and personal health and wellness. The company’s commitment to a green, eco-friendly philosophy is evident in all stages of production, with recycling, locally sourced materials, local business support and use of natural and organic ingredients. You can find out more about the ingredients used in the products by clicking here.

What excited me most about this new discovery of course, was the huge collection of sweet fragrances with edible notes to satisfy any craving! Despite the fact that there is an extensive selection of just about any type of scent (musk, floral, oriental, amber, citrus and tropical scents just to name a few), there is no denying the fact that the website is a veritable gourmand playground! Give me a lovely cup of coffee and I can get lost playing there, like Alice down the rabbit hole. Admittedly, the site itself is not so easy to navigate (as is the case with any site offering such an extensive collection), but the trip is well worth it. With their cheeky names (which co-founder Courtney affirms they are meant to appeal to the fun-loving, kitschy side in all of us) and their delicious short descriptions and note listings, the perfumes had me clicking through with a smile on my face.

Aside from an extensive scent line-up, Starring…! Fragrances also offers unique, fun services. What’s even more exciting is that -just as the scents themselves, these services are offered at excellent prices. Case in point, the Wedding & Party Favors, which I think is a brilliant idea! The company offers the possibility to enhance any event (such as wedding, birthday and bachelorette parties or bridal/baby showers) by presenting guests with a scent. It is even possible to choose two different scents (a masculine and a feminine for example). Bottles are personalized with the name of your choice, such as with the name of the event, the honored person, the wedding couple etc. A minimum of 50 bottles (the website mentions 25 as the minimum which would be even more affordable, but when I tested this I was only able to place orders for 50 pieces or more) has to be ordered, but the prices are excellent: 8$ per 15ml spray, 5$ per 10ml roll-on or 13.50$ for the 1 oz perfume spray.

Another fun feature is the Custom Perfume service, which allows you to create your own custom perfume based on either one of 10 different (mostly gourmand) categories (my favorite is the custom pumpkin!) or based on a personality test, all for the small price of 26$. For something even more tailored to your own tastes, you can choose the Starring...! YOU! A Custom Creation category and give a brief with specifications or even send in a sample for duplication, all for just $40.

There are many, many goodies to be discovered on the site, but what I want to focus on today are a couple of the Bath & Body products I got to try. More specifically, I want to tell you about the Body Butter and the Organic Premium Silk Crème, which are both excellent. The Body Butter is, in a word, SUMPTUOUS! I dipped my fingers in the small sample pot and had to actually exclaim with pleasure, because the texture is just SO amazing. This is a rich, thick cream, with a delightful, whipped texture. It might be rich and thick but it is also incredibly soft to the touch. It is easy to work into the skin, melting in almost instantly and leaving absolutely no grease, tackiness or an oily feeling behind. It is made with superb emollients (shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil) and is enriched with free-radical fighting antioxidants such as grapeseed oil, green tea extract and vitamins E & C. This is just perfect not only for everyday use, but also for overnight hand and heel treatments used with gloves and socks. The Organic Premium Silk Crème has a completely different feel, having a light, silky, rather flowing liquid texture. It sinks in beautifully and leaves skin feeling deeply hydrated and moist, as well as looking gorgeous due to the soft sheen it leaves behind. It is 82% organic and contains wonderful nourishing and emollient ingredients such as silk amino acids, avocado, coconut & jojoba oil, aloe and several antioxidants including grapeseed oil and black willow bark. I loved using both samples I was sent and heartily recommend them. The price is the same for both (smallest size is 2 oz for $7, largest 8 oz for $16) and you can select both the fragrance you want your moisturizer to be scented with, but also the scent intensity (low, medium or high) for no extra cost.

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday for the second part of my Starring…! Fragrances exploration, when I will be reviewing two beautiful gourmands, The Diva and White Almond Cake.

Images: Flickr by Xurble, www.sxu.hu and www.starringfragrances.com

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fragrance Bouquet Loves… Ironless Straightening Balm by Fekkai

There are a number of perfumes and perfume samples on my tray, all lined up for review. Unfortunately I am currently suffering a tyrannical cold which has eclipsed my sense of smell and has left my stomach feeling like a battlefield. At least I no longer feel faint and exhausted all the time, meaning I can actually write about something (and goodness, how good does it feel to be able to think again, instead of living in a haze). So let’s take a look at one of my favorite products, shall we?

I simply adore Fekkai hair products, swear by them in fact, and by all means my whole Fekkai routine deserves its own “Fragrance Bouquet Loves…” post, but today I want to focus on my latest addi(c)tion, the Ironless Straightening Balm from the Coiff Controle line of styling products. My hair is really long, highlighted and has issues: it is dry and extremely prone to frizz, due to the fact that it is a crazy mixture of straight and wavy. Not wavy enough to create a sexy tousled look with styling products OR a diffuser, mind, and not straight enough to actually look beautifully straight without help. Having tried just about every straightening/anti-frizz balm, serum and cream on the planet to no avail can make a girl rather cynical, skeptical and disillusioned. I received a sample of this in Douglas when purchasing my usual Fekkai shampoo, conditioner and mask some months ago however and decided to give it ago. Right from the first use I declared this a miracle product and rushed out to buy a full bottle.

The Ironless Straightening Balm is a non-chemical (very important to us hair freaks concerned with damage) straightening remedy for hair that fights frizz and fly-aways. It works like this: When hair is still damp, you work the product through the hair from roots to ends and then blow dry helping the process along by keeping the brush straight. The results are amazing – I’ve never achieved such straight hair without the help of a professional blow-out! Most importantly, the effect lasts. Now, this might not give you the same sleekness and ultra-straight result a professional blow-out or iron would, but both of these options are extremely damaging to the hair. I do not want split ends and dry, damaged hair, so I avoid blow-outs as much as possible, only resorting to them when I have to attend an event or a big party. But this balm has made my every-day look so much better I am filled with gratitude. It makes hair manageable and sleek, reducing frizz and keeping it straight. I’ll take that. I’ve never experienced anything better, and my poor wallet knows I’ve tried everything throughout the years

Now for the best part? If you, like me, are serious about keeping hair split-end/damage free, you probably loathe using the blow-dryer and any other source of heat close to your hair. Well guess what? This product does miracles even if you don’t blow-dry. Simply work it through damp hair, brush well and let it air dry. You will still get amazing results with no damage incurred. The result will not be as sleek as with the blow-dryer, but it will still look gorgeous and frizz-free.

Despite seeming rather expensive (23.50 Euro around here), this product is actually very economical. I used my sample twice before it was finished and only need 1-2 pumps from the actual bottle for my very long hair. Use a light hand when using it for the first time, until you find what amount works best for you. Even though this won’t make hair oily or weigh it down if you use more than you should, the finish is much more touchable and glossy when the right amount is used.

Click here to see other reviews of this product on TotalBeauty.com

Monday, May 11, 2009

Your Blog Is F*ck!ng Fabulous Award

The sweet, lovely Jenavira from Scent of Abricots gave me a F*cking Fabulous Award! According to the rules I have to post five of my own fabulous addictions and present the award to 5 more blogs that I consider, well, fabulous!

Instructions and Rules:
1. You have to pass it (the award) on to 5 other fabulous blogs in a post.
2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post.
3. You must copy and paste the rules and the instructions below in the post.
Instructions: On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them. When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well. To add the award to your post, simply right-click, save image, then “add image” it in your post as a picture so your winners can save it as well. To add it to your sidebar, add the “picture” widget. Also, don’t forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by emailing them or leaving a comment on their blog.

My 5 F*ck!ng Fabulous Addictions:

1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again because no such list for me would be complete without this: SHOES! I am the mad shoe collector, the insane shoe addict. Giuseppe Zanotti, Roger Vivier and Christian Louboutin are my favorite shoe brands, with Giuseppe Zanotti as a definite number one, high, high, high above the rest. Incomparable. (Have you seen his shoes for Balmain this year? He made feet absolutely fabulous both in the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections.) He sends me into delirium! My most lovely latest addition to the collection was a pair of high-heeled black velvet Suecomma Bonnie sandals swathed in pearls. I told a friend I wanted to wear them with ripped skinny jeans to add shock value to the luxury of the shoe. She replied: “The best way to wear these, darling, are with no clothes at all.” Indeed.

2. Perfume. Need I say more? If you’re here, you know all about my addiction :) Latest obsession is the gourmand genre, completely wrong for the weather we’re having, but oh-so-comforting. Due to the fact that I am going through a rough, stressful period, I keep craving the voluptuous, comforting embrace of vanilla, almonds, milk, rice and everything else edible-incredible. When the weather overrules my need for comfort, I turn to soft spring florals.

3. I do not know how to reconcile a love of fashion, makeup, high heels and all things girly with this addiction, but here goes: Nintendo. I own every single console and handheld Nintendo ever made (with the exception of the original NES and the black and white gameboy). Most fun had this year with games: Racing online with Mario Kart Wii & talking to cute little animals on Animal Crossing City Folk.

4. David Suchet as Hercule Poirot! I can’t wait till the next 4 episodes are out. I have watched the entire series so far and I think it is AWESOME! I especially love the attention to detail put in making the sets as realistic as possible and adore the episodes with art-deco dress and furnishings.

5. My most fabulous addiction in life however, is life itself. I love the fact that I have managed to retain a childlike joie de vivre, managing to see things in life with the excitement of seeing them for the first time. The first snow of the year makes me do a little dance, the scents of the changing seasons in the air make my heart beat faster with excitement, the image of blossom petals swirling down from trees in spring makes me feel as though I’m in a fairy tale. Every single time I walk outside along the fantastically beautiful canals of Amsterdam, I thank God I am alive. When the sun is out and all the people gather outside in cafes next to the water, seeing their beautiful smiling faces floods my heart with love. Happiness makes me skip and hop, literally. Life is the most beautiful addiction!

I want to give this award to the following 5 fabulous blogs:

S. from Notes From the Ledge who is an A-ma-zing writer. If she ever wrote a book, I would buy it. You are TALENTED, girl.
Aimée L'Ondée from Mossyloomings, another wonderful writer with a fantastic sense of humor. Her smart, sassy, funny writing is fabulous.
Brian and Abigail over at I Smell Therefore I Am. Their reactions to scents often correspond to my own and their personal commentary is a joy to read.
• The knowledgeable, thoughtful Carol over at WAFT. She is a true lady and one of the perfume bloggers whom I most long to meet.
• Finally, I hope she will forgive me for “outting” her, but I want to give a shout-out to Ines and All I Am – A Redhead, a reader who recently started blogging! Ines’ perspective on perfume is fresh and her journey worth following! I am so happy to have met a friend in her and I hope she keeps writing.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Scented Pillow Liners by Sleep Scentasations

Sleep Scentsations is a company based in Houston, Texas, founded by two sisters that like so many of us were tired of the sleepless nights afforded by the stresses of modern living. Their team’s research was based on the effects aromatherapy, but the areas they found lacking and wanted to improve upon were costs and application. Finally, the idea materialized and took form in a product that is easy to use, allows for individual taste, can be taken anywhere with ease and will not break the bank: the Sleep Scentsations Pillow Liners.

The 12 scented liners currently range six categories (Botanical, Wellness, Fresh, Aromatherapy & Exotic), while additional scents are expected to debut. All the scents are based on the belief that scents can induce moods or memories to ensure an indulging sleep experience. As such, each scent is very evocative of a particular pleasant olfactive memory.

I was sent three samples of Sleep Scentsations’ scented pillow liners to try out during what is (incidentally) a very stressful period. Upcoming exams, papers and an endless to-do list have left me with an overactive, ruminating mind with the result that I end up sleeping late at night and waking up much too early in the morning, never quite managing to get sufficient rest. While the Sleep Scentsations pillow liners did not actually manage to extend my total hours of sleep they did give me a lot of pleasure and helped me to unwind.

The lightweight, thin liners are easy to use: they come individually packaged and easily adhere to the pillow. The scent seems very strong when they are taken out of the packet, but these are meant to be applied directly to the pillow, under the pillow case and to my surprise, the scent that wafts through is just right: neither too strong as to interfere with sleep, nor subtle enough to not be detected.

The scents I received were Day at the Beach (belonging to the Fresh category), Ginger & Amber (Exotic category) and My Boyfriend’s Shirt (Sensual category).

Of these, Day at the Beach was easily my favorite. Its scent is a twin of Bond No. 9’s Fire Island and Bobby Brown’s Beach, meaning it too simulates the scent of Coppertone sunscreen, but without the harshness either of these two perfumes has. Using it as a pillow liner was extremely pleasurable, especially since all I dream about lately is summer vacation and an escape from all the have-tos in my life. With salty, breezy overtones and the deep, creamy, summery scent of Coppertone, I felt as if I was lying on my beach towel after a swim, saturated as it tends to be with salt and sun cream. I’d happily use this one again and again, just to relive the feeling of being on the beach. I am surprised however this is sorted in the Fresh category. To me this spells Exotic!

Ginger & Amber combines the scent of the fragrantly sweet, white-floral scent of white ginger lily and amber. The scent is smoothed out by powdery notes and a gentle aqueous, melon-like overtone (think the aquatic, melon top note of Allure Sensuelle to get an idea). While it did not awaken any particular memories or images, the exotic scent was very pleasing and the slightly fresh aqueous overtones did impart a cooling sensation, so much needed for a good night’s sleep.

I did not manage to fully test My Boyfriend’s Shirt. I hated it! The scent is strong and overwhelming and completely unfitting (in my opinion) to the purpose of unwinding due to its energizing nature. My Boyfriend’s Shirt smells like a blast of generic men’s cologne, like a spray of Axe deodorant in the face! Definitely not for me.

The other scents in the line are: Bliss (mandarin and vanilla) and Relaxing (lavender, bergamot, cedar) in the Aromatherapy category, White Tea & Lily and Wild Flower (tobacco flower, white ginger lily & freesia) in the Botanical category, Fresh Cut Grass in the Fresh category, Shanghai Nights (flowers & musks) in the Exotic category, Cold RX (A therapeutic blend of essential oils formulated to stimulate relief of sinus headache, chest congestion, coughs and other cold symptoms) and Snore RX (A therapeutic blend of essential oils formulated to suppress snoring and provide a more restful night’s sleep) in the Wellness category and Seduction (vanilla, mandarin, amber, honey) in the Sensual category. Each set of 8 costs $19.99 with the exception of the Wellness liners which retail for $24.99 per set of 8.

According to the company’s website, the liners in the Aromatherapy and Wellness categories should not be used by pregnant women as they contain essential oils.

Images: www.sleepscentsations.com and Flickr by B@ni

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Train de Nuit, Chanel No. 5

Okay guys, I've already posted a review today, but I can't resist to show you these brautiful, beautiful videos and images as well. Yesterday during a commercial break, the brand new Chanel No. 5 commercial/short film aired for the first time and it took my breath away!!! Before I let you enjoy the material, let me also say that May the 5th, the day the film first aired, has been designated by the city of New York as Chanel No. 5 Day and for this occasion a portion of Fifth Avenue will be renamed AVENUE N˚5 for the week. How cool is that?

The short film itself:

The making of Train de Nuit, starring actress Audrey Tautou and directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet:

Interview with Audrey Tatou:

Story Board Illustrations:

Flora by Gucci : Perfume Review

There’s some incongruence here, something I cannot quite wrap my head around: Frida Gianini, Gucci’s absolutely brilliant creative director, has been diving into the archives of the prestigious house and has revived Flora for this season, an iconic print originally exclusively designed for a scarf for Princess Grace of Monaco. The Flora pattern has been revived for S-S ’09 and now once again graces accessories and ready-to-wear luxurious garments. The pattern itself and its honored, royalty-tinged past served as inspiration for the newest Gucci fragrance, Flora. At the same time however, the house has made it no secret that Flora (the fragrance) is very much intended for a younger demographic, that is, a customer younger than the one who would go for Gucci by Gucci (which is excellent, by the way), the only other fragrance that has so far been released during the tenure of Gianini as creative director.


I mean, does that younger demographic actually know who Princess Grace was? Why go into all the trouble of connecting the perfume to the beautiful, graceful and utterly elegant Grace Kelly if you are going to try to market it to a group that likely can’t even evoke an image of the woman without resorting to Google first? Because at least here in Northern Europe Gucci by Gucci (a musky composition very much in the spirit of Narcisso Rodriguez for Her) is extremely popular with women in their 20’s. How much younger can you go?

Moving on to the fragrance itself however, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Flora. Having been introduced to it through magazines like Vogue and Elle where I originally learned about the intention to appeal to a younger crowd, I was actually expecting a vacuous fruity-floral like so many others (yes, go ahead and blame the various ad copies for conditioning me to associate the word young with boring when it comes to perfume). In reality, Flora surprised me by actually being a light, subtle, sophisticated floral with fruity top-notes.

The opening is my least favorite part of Flora: a mixture that is at once refreshing and musty/dusty with an undertone of a particular type of funk that shall remain unnamed, the most salient notes are yuzu citrus and pink pepper. Then… SURPRISE! Fifteen minutes later Flora transforms to something I am very intimately acquainted with: the twin of Laura by Laura Biagiotti, a fragrance I wore to death as a teenager. It unashamedly comes complete even with the slight aquatic feel of Laura, which March of the Perfume Posse also noted. Amusingly, even the image I chose to accompany my review of Laura actually fits the modern Flora commercial to a T (See image to the right and click to view the video below).

Although I describe them as twins (I am wearing the two as I write this and they are indeed extremely close) there are differences: Yes, both of these abstract florals are feminine, romantic and elegant. However Flora is not only missing a certain edge Laura has that sets it apart, it also misses the particular, extraordinarily addictive musk Laura makes such excellent use of. Importantly, lasting power is also lacking: while Laura keeps evolving, remaining strong and powerful, Flora quietly falls apart after a while, leaving but a transparent film on the skin. Both are good feminine scents, but if you want the real deal, stick with Laura.

Image of girl with dress made of flowers http://harbingergallery.net

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Offers Roundup

Still struggling to come up with the perfect gift for mother’s day? The holiday is just a week away, so here’s a roundup of all the beautiful things that caught my eye!

Ormonde Jayne says Mother Knows Best… and I can’t help but agree. The British niche perfumery is taking the guesswork out of gift giving by offering a sample program and a gift card. The sample program (35 GBP with complimentary postage worldwide) contains all eleven fragrances –and you’ve got to trust me, there’s something to love for everyone- in a chic black coffret. Once a choice has been made, the gift card can be used at the boutique in Old Bond Street or over the phone. The gold and glass stoppers of the pure parfum can be engraved with two initials, for that extra little touch of luxury. Prices: EdP 50ml: 58 GBP. Parfum 50ml: 112 GBP

Mindful of your budget but still looking for something that is niche, luxurious and special? Impossible? Of course not. Korres, a cosmeceutical brand from Greece, has rapidly become an international success and a favorite with beauty editors the world over. Treat your mom to a Wild Rose Lip Butter ($9.00), a luscious tinted lip-balm that provides sheer color and deeply hydrates lips with shea butter. Also available in Guava, Pomegranate and Quince. But for that price why stop there? Make it a goody-bag and include the Kings & Queens Royal Favorites Set ($8.00). The Kings & Queens shower gels have become favorites with perfumistas for their unusual fragrances, scented with aromas (such as myrrh, pepper & tobacco) usually found in niche perfume creations.
The particular set contains the following showergels: Nefertiti Honey, Chinese Princess Jasmine, Queen Isabella Cinnamon Orange, Emperor Akbar Mango, and Sultan of Granada Lemon Flower. These and more Korres products can be found among other places at Sephora, Nordstrom and select Douglas stores.

Leave it to the Bond No. 9 team to make our jaws drop on all the important holidays! Bond No. 9 and Swarovski have teamed up again to create three new Swarovski-encrusted bottles. The three lucky perfumes to be getting the blindingly beautiful Swarovski Star Makeover are Nuits de Noho (vivid sapphire), The Scent of Peace (rich amethyst) and Chelsea Flowers (golden topaz). The Bond No. 9 Swarovski Stars Limited-Edition flacons have arrived in May, just in time for Mother’s Day, but they will be available for the remainder of the year. The not-very-recession-friendly price for each 50ml bottle is $550. But you can still give mom that Bond No. 9 excitement (not to mention pampered skin) without the hefty price tag too: Bond No. 9 has just introduced 24/7 New York Liquid Silk, eight brand new body smoothers to both soothe and scent the skin. Each 200ml lotion costs $90 and the available scents are: Bryant Park, Astor Place, Chelsea Flowers, Eau de New York, Nuits de Noho, The Scent of Peace, West Side and of course, the ever popular Chinatown.

Finally, one of my favorite indie perfumers, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has just started her own fabulous Mother’s Day sale yesterday. The discounts are great and the variety is dizzying, so you are sure to have great fun shopping for mom! Here’s what the marvelous Dawn has in store for you this Mother’s Day:
* All Garden Bathe Aromatherapy products – 15-25% off
* All DSH New Creations Oil Essences – 15% off
* Perfection & Les Rouges Collection Boxes – 15% off (A perfect gift for mom!)
* Selected Sweet Dreams & Luckyclover products (Essence Studio Collection) – 15% off
* Selected Limited Editions by Parfums des Beaux Arts Body Products – 25% off

And as if that wasn’t enough, if you enter member code POL, MUA or PAM, you receive an extra 10% off! The sale lasts until the 17th of May. Can you resist treating yourself too? Click here to start browsing!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Perfumed Quotes: Jean de Bouffleurs

"Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume"
-Jean de Bouffleurs