Friday, September 12, 2008

Fragrance Bouquet: Back on Monday

Dear Readers,

As you probably noticed there's only been one post this week. The new term has begun at the university and I am suddenly swamped with work. I am trying to get everything organized and smoothly-flowing this weekend, so you can expect to see Fragrance Bouquet back on Monday with a post on Pacifica's new fall beauties.

See you then!


Unknown said...

Don't get to stressed Divina and burn a Pacifica to relax (love their candles).

Divina said...

Oh Jen! I am trying to keep the stress levels down but it doesn't help when I have to learn 11 huge chapters this week! Oh god, just writing this makes me laugh, half out of nervousness (cause that's not including the written assignments) and half cause it seems so unreal! Oh well :P Laughter is good.

Unknown said...

Damn apparently they are really trying to kill you :-p! Just keep your head low and become a hermit, a really good smelling hermit.