Friday, June 27, 2008

Dressing Up Your Perfume: Ready, Set, Customize... Diesel Fuel For Life!

So, you already know I love Diesel jeans, clothes and accessories, and if you’ve read my reviews of the Fuel for Life fragrances you’ve probably already gathered I find them delightful - in fact, I am wearing the female version today, just as I am getting ready to go and grab a nice cup of coffee in the sun with my best friend. Oh yes, its light patchouli scent is definitely perfect to accompany the wonderful aroma of coffee! But before I step out for some much needed photosynthesis and chitchat over a caffè macchiato, I want to show you some beautiful accessories, not for yourself, but for your perfume!

Wilbert Das, the creative director of Diesel and his team, have created 12 different pouches to dress up the Fuel for Life fragrances. Fuel for Life lovers can now customize their bottles by dressing them up in different designs. There are currently three different styles offered: the seductive netting the original feminine version came with, the wild leather bomber that winks at Diesel’s rebellious side and the classic jeans jacket which underscores the brand's wonderful relationship with the sturdy, ever fashionable fabric. All styles are offered in different colors, as you can see in the images below:

Which one would I choose? Well, since I can no longer get my hands on the absolutely fabulous Limited “Bling” Edition (a drool-worthy picture of which you can view right here), I would have to go with the next best thing, the chained black bomber. Sexy and tough at the same time.

The newly dressed up bottles can be found exclusively at Diesel Boutiques.

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