Monday, March 10, 2008

Parfum d’Ida and Spectral Violet by Neil Morris : Perfume Reviews

Dearest Ida, better known to most as Chayaruchama, was kind enough to send me a whole bunch of Neil Morris fragrances to sample, after I said I was really curious to try them. This week (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) I invite you to explore the samples Ida sent me, here on Fragrance Bouquet. The first two perfumes are Parfum d’Ida and Spectral Violet.

Parfum d'Ida:

Parfum d’Ida is a gorgeous, sparkling aldehydic composition, elegant and effervescent. Smelling it for the first time, I was instantly reminded of another favorite: L’Infante, by Divine. Looking at the notes of both scents, the similarities are not that many: yes, they are both aldehydic scents and they both have a berry note as well as white florals and ylang ylang. Smelling the two side by side though, I sense a kinship – not perhaps in the smell itself, but certainly in feel. In the end, Parfum d’Ida wins my favor, being both sheer and deep at the same time – a wonderful feat. Too, the scent of civet, unmistakably present already from the opening, is too seductive for me to resist. I home in on it and it never leaves my conscience. Aldehydic, floral, green and animalic all at once, yet perfectly blended and balanced, Parfum d’Ida opens with deceptive innocence and transparency, but goes on to become all the more warm and effusive as it warms on the skin. It speaks of femininity and generosity to the point that it makes you wish to be hugged and comforted by the creature that wears it. Is this really the scent of Ida? It would be very presumptuous of me to give a definite opinion on the matter, considering I have never met her in real life. However, I can’t help but feel that this is just an aspect of Ida’s scent: The part that is capable woman, the part that is feminine, generous and comforting, gently protective and loving. I missed the darkness though, I missed the spice. I missed the part of Ida that is absolutely otherworldly and bewitching. I missed the part that is midnight gowns studded with all the stars in the sky and pure, unadulterated mystery. I missed the Diva I so long to meet. But that is alright - it is to be expected that no single fragrance can capture every aspect of this complex woman. Parfum d’Ida is Ida’s hug and loving embrace. And right now, that’s exactly what I needed.

Spectral Violet:

Spectral Violet, the second of Neil Morris’ perfumes I sampled had a profound impact on me – something I never would have expected from a floral composition. The moment I brought my wrist to my nose for that first whiff, I felt like my body started floating upwards, as though I was suddenly weightless and ethereal. My first thought, literally, was “Oh... I am in heaven...” How could I possibly do this fragrance justice by writing about it? I want to roll around in this scent forever and ever. I want to have it as a bath oil and submerge myself in its pool of dark mystery, a pool of violet waters, a pool that transforms into a majestic lake in a time of kings and princesses and I’ll be the lady, yes, the lady of the lake, with eyes of green and clothes of purple and indigo and lilac, that float around me by gusts of wind unfelt by others. The violet petals are candied, like medieval court delicacies meant to be fed by hand to a loved one, in order to make them forget about all that’s wrong in the world. The feel of the fragrance is velvety and soft, like the most extravagantly expensive cocoon made for a fairy. Despite the name, I cannot describe this fragrance as cool, chilly or metallic. To me, it is absolutely warm and sensual. And even though all my memories of violets were made in sunny gardens, this one is a violet I’ve never encountered. It is a violet of the night, its scent utterly hypnotic. It is seduction in a moonlit forest.

Images: The artwork accompanying Parfum d’Ida in this post is a sculpture titled “Divine Embrace” by Taiwanese artist Gaylord Ho.
The image accompanying Spectral Violet in this post is from, a company that specializes in clothes, accessories and gifts. The particular image is called “Purple Fairy with Moonlight” and can be bought as a shirt. It can be found under their women fairy items.


PinstripedZebra said...

divina, always you amaze me with your words. You really have a way of writing which is just divine! I can't wait for your next poetic discription!


tmp00 said...

Amazing, wonderful writing..

I want to smell Ida too!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Divina,
These fragrances sound completely wonderful: generous, loving, romantic and (I mean this as a great compliment) slightly old fashioned. We all feel vulnerable sometimes, and I think that wearing either fragrance would offer solace and warmth. I'm going to investigate the appropriate websites right now! I entirely agree with the two comments above: beautiful, evocative writing! Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Wow, these sound gorgeous! I am looking forward to the rest!


Scentman said...

Dear Divina,

Thank you so much for your beautiful reviews of our Parfum D'Ida and Spectral Violet. You are a weaver of words par excellence!

And you are absolutely right that one cannot completely capture all the complex facets of a person in one perfume - especially someone as unique as Ida! But from what you wrote I'm happy I conveyed her most important aspects - feminine, generous, protective and oh, yes, most definitely loving. In fact, here's what I said to her when I presented it to her last October at Sniffa:

Sometimes you meet someone who reminds you just how exciting and joyous life can be. They are wise to the ways of the world yet they exude the wonder of a child and their heart is open. They capture you with a look, a smile, or the sillage of their perfume…
Ida Meister is such a person and I’m honored to present this perfume as a tribute to this warm, kind and incredibly alluring woman. Thank you, Ida for your support, advice and love… and especially the hugs! You are what perfume is all about.

I'm blessed to have Ida in my life.

I'm thrilled by your heartful review of Spectral Violet. I created it in honor of Dr. James Dotson who wrote a haunting story in October's Sniffapalooza Magazine about Queen Marie of Romania. You can read it here:
(scroll to the bottom of the page.)

I though I'd post some of the Notes for Spectral Violet for you and your readers:

Top: Raspberry, Galbanum, Lime
Heart: Violet Flower
Base: Vetiver, Patchouli, Orris, Myrtlewood, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Musk, Sea Moss, Incense

Thank you again, Divina, and Fragrant Dreams!


Divina said...

Z, you make me blush! Thank you SOOO much for your words! *HUG*

Divina said...

Tom honey, thank you so very much! It means so much to me!

Do you mean Ida the woman, or Ida the perfume, btw? ;) Either way, you should! :)

Divina said...

My dearest Linda, I have no doubt that Parfum d'Ida would suit your loving personality!

Divina said...

Christine the fragrance posts this week are devoted to Neil's wonderful creations so indeed there is much to look forward to! (Including my favorite, which is yet to come!)

Divina said...

Dearest Neil, it is so lovely to read your words while I am wearing one of your fragrances (yes, Spectral Violet again today!). It brings a warm smile of utter happiness on my face.

I feel so warm inside reading the line "Thank you, Ida for your support, advice and love… and especially the hugs!"... This is exactly what this perfume was about to me, her warmth, her embrace... And you captured it perfectly. I hope you enjoy the rest of the Neil Morris week on Fragrance Bouquet and thank you for sharing the notes for Spectral Violet. Now I am no longer surprised I don't find it chilly or cold!

chayaruchama said...

What a surprise !
I'm thrilled that you are enjoying these...

Neil does wonderful work, and it's a pleasure to know and work with him.
A beautiful soul in a Titan's body.

BTW, Ms. D.-
If you keep flattering me, you're going to have to marry me;
I was once awfully easy, but am less so as I age.
[NOW, I'm only rabidly emotional unfaithful...]

My joy to enable and titillate your delicate nostrils...

Divina said...

* warm hug* My dearest I, I hope you know they are words from the heart!