Monday, January 12, 2009

Fragrance Bouquet Loves… Anti-Oxidant Water Booster by Dr. Brandt

Those “in the know”, know that there are only a handful of things that really make a difference in any anti-aging regime. Number one is of course sun protection, winter or summer, outdoors or indoors. Number two is a retinoid treatment, the only thing powerful enough to radically change skin appearance and improve cell turnover and actually increase collagen levels. Number three are anti-oxidants, which by fighting free radicals not only help to keep the body healthy, but also help keep the skin youthful since they protect the cells and collagen from free radical damage. Free radical damage occurs daily, due to sun exposure, smoking (or second hand smoke), pollution, alcohol and stress.

Always interested in what more I can do for my skin, I discovered Dr. Brandt’s Anti-Oxidant Water Booster last spring and have been taking it since. Especially since I do apply a retin-A cream during the winter months, there is no room for an anti-oxidant skin serum, and this helps me treat my skin to anti-oxidants without having to add an extra step in my cream routine (besides, I do believe it is best to feed the skin both from inside, as well as outside). Dr. Brandt’s Water Booster comes in five flavors (original, lemon, green apple, bluberry and pomegranate), all of which claim to be delicious. Well… I wouldn’t go that far! So far, I have tried the original flavor, which tastes very herbal and is quite pleasant, the pomegranate, which is very tangy and the blueberry, which is definitely my favorite, being quite tasty and the one I keep repurchasing. Delicious, none of them might be, but this is definitely a product I believe in and would continue taking even if it tasted unbearable. Thankfully, I am quite happy with the blueberry, so no need for drama.

The water booster is all natural, sugar free, caffeine-free, calorie-free and contains (from Dr. Brandt’s website):

grapeseed extract (vitis vinifera): protects collagen and elastin, for firm skin.
green tea (camellia sinensis): anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that boosts sunscreen's ability to protect against free radical damage. green tea has been clinically proven to prevent cellular damage caused by exposure to UV rays.
lo han: patented extract from the fruit (member of the squash family) helps reduce cravings for sugar. known as the longevity fruit.
white tea (camellia sinesis): potent anti-oxidant that helps protect skin against free radical damage.

In addition to these, my bottle also lists Lotus Extract (leaf) and Blueberry Extract (juice).

Certain study results have also indicated that green tea might assist weight loss efforts by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. So in addition to helping keep your skin smooth, supple and elastic, this dietary supplement might also help you lose weight. Considering the amount of brewed green tea you’d need to drink to replicate the study results would actually also result in very high doses of caffeine, Dr. Brandt’s Water Booster is a wonderful alternative, since it is caffeine-free.

The recommended dosage is one to two full droppers a day, each taken with a cup of water. One dropper is the equivalent of 15 cups of green tea and the bottle contains 60 servings, which means that if you take two full droppers per day (like I do), the bottle will last for a month.

Lastly, I am very happy to announce for the benefit of my Dutch readers, that even though the water booster was so far pretty much only available from Skins in Amsterdam, the product is now being sold at all Douglas boutiques that carry Dr. Brandt products, making all of our lives easier! The wonderful ladies at Douglas also offer a glass of booster-infused water to interested customers that are not sure which flavor to choose or are dubious about whether they will like the taste or not.

Fragrance Bouquet is not affiliated with Dr. Brandt, Douglas or Skins.

Note: Please consult your doctor before you take this supplement if you are pregnant or suffer from thyroid problems.


+Q Perfume said...

Dearest Div, good to read/have you back :-)
hope you enjoyed Greece, who wouldn't right?
I love Greece during the winter!
Happy 2009 hope you got my card.

waftbyCarol said...

Sounds interesting and very beneficial .I started taking flax for it's mega-antioxidant effects......when we were in Florence touring the SantaMariaNovella plant we were served their "anti-hysteria " water , an ancient formula of herbs added to water...I boght some and enjoy adding a few drops to my water bottle . Don't know about it's anti-oxidant properties ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Divin-oula! Is it too late to say Happy New Year? I just came back from a trip to Cyprus and I am feeling great. :o)

I had read about this product in Allure some months ago I believe and they also made the connection between green tea and weight loss. I keep telling myself Im gonna look for this product, but I keep forgetting. This time Ill definitely try and find it.

xo Christine

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Divina! This sounds great- I'm always looking for something to boost my skin. I've actually started eating a lot better and my skin has really benefited. I will try and search for this to go even further!

Divina said...

Hi Simone! Greece is always great to me, you know :) The weather was not as good as I'd hoped, but at least it was dry so I managed to be out constantly, which was exactly what I needed after so much studying! :) Thank you for the wishes dear!

Divina said...

Oh Carol, I WISH I'd been there! (So jealous!!) *hugs* I know I'll make it to one of them soon.

Divina said...

Hi Christine! My best friend is from Cyprus but I've never been! How was the weather? Cyprus is a strange choice for a winter vacation! I hope you had a great time!

Divina said...

Daily sweetie, you look so gorgeous, it shows that you're taking care of your skin! (or it is just good genes?!?) :) Either way, whatever you're doing works. But yeah, it is best to do whatever we can for our skin while we still look good, so that the growing old process doesn't look too...depressing :P

Melisa said...

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