Monday, October 12, 2009

Pears & Sugarcane by Blackwick’s : Scented Candle Review

It’s October and all the foodie magazines are filled with enticing recipes featuring the fruit of the season - pear. Referred to as “the last taste of the sun”, pear indeed manages to bring the cheer of the last rays of sunshine on our plates with its nectar. Absolutely perfect for the autumnal transition from summer to winter and while we’re enjoying the last of the blue skies even as the wind is getting chillier, I find myself indulging my senses with pear scented perfume (it’s pear, vanilla and sandalwood delight with Boss Orange for me again today), while my home has been scented with Blackwick’s Pear & Sugarcane candle all weekend long.

I tend to mentally divide the candles I choose to burn in three categories: The ones I burn to recreate a scent I miss or long for, the ones I burn to create a particular ambience before a gathering or party and the ones I use for sheer comfort, when I need that cuddly, warm feeling in the house. Pears & Sugarcane definitely fits the first and last category: It produces the scent I long to smell in this particular season and at the same time it is very comforting, creating a cozy atmosphere in the house. Its scent is a lot more complex than I’d expected from the name and official description. The overtone is fruity, featuring a refined sweet pear aroma blended with tart, berry-like accents, while the sugar is playful, having a lighthearted candy-floss feel to it. But what makes this home scent transcend its cheerful, autumn sun character is the cozy base which makes it utterly comforting: creamy, round vanilla flushing with spicy cinnamon and warm accents of nutmeg. Pears & Sugarcane burns slowly and evenly, producing a soft, sweet trail that efficiently perfumes the house with a beautifully cozy gourmand vibe. At the same time, its scent is gentle enough to not constantly demand your attention. It has great throw and its effect is long lasting, meaning that the house will still be pleasantly scented long after the candle has been put out. As has been the case with other Blackwick’s candles I’ve tested, I’ve found that the fragrance of the unlit candle can seem scary (overly strong or sharp), but that the effect it produces while burning is beautifully smooth.

If you wish to learn a little more about the company, please refer back to my first Blackwick’s review by clicking here and by visiting the official Blackwick's site where you can also peruse and purchase the different candles.
The prices for the different sizes of Blackwick’s candles are as follows:
2oz Travel Tin ($4.00)
5oz Small Square Glass ($12.95)
8oz Large Tin ($13.95)
14oz Large Square Glass ($20.95)

Image: Product shoot by Fragrance Bouquet. All rights reserved.


Linda said...

Dearest Divina!
I am really enjoying this golden autumn weather here in the UK. I don't even mind walking to work as the leaves are still underfoot, and my house is warm and cosy in the evenings - now I would like one of these candles to burn in the hallway - your description sounds lovely, and I must admit I'd go for any of Blackwick's "desserts" range.
I'm going to look first in my town, and then in Liberty's to see if there is anything similar!!
Take care of yourself,

Jenavira13 said...

This sounds lovely Divina, I admit I never really attracted to pear scents on my skin, but candle wise they always do seem lovely.

PinstripedZebra said...

This is really a nice good candle which fills the house with a lovely odour.

Loved coming home to it today.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Sounds lovely. I love pear scents and have never had a pear candle! I must try this...

Ines said...

Cinamon, pear and nutmeg. Could it possibly sound more enticing? And this came at the right moment, I'm on a search for good scented candles. :) Thanks for the tip!

Linda said...

Hello Everyone!
Sorry to keep commenting - but I found a gorgeous candle in Laura Ashley's sale yesterday: Rhubarb and Vanilla... yum!!

Divina said...

Hi Linda! I totally agree, I'd go for any of their deserts range as well! They also have a vanilla bean candle in the spice range that I am really curious about. I'd love to have a pure vanilla candle, but all vanilla candles I've tried so far have minimal throw, no intensity, no tenacity - really disappointing. I'll give it a go at some point, since Blackwick's seems to do very well with throw and intensity. Maybe it will be the one!

Divina said...

Hi Jen! Don't think I could wear a pure pear scent, but I actually find myself liking the note when it is well blended. So I guess you're not a fan of AG's Petit Cherie either? :)

Divina said...

Z, burning it again today, so look forward to it :) hihi :)

Divina said...

Daily, the pear combines reaaaally nicely with the spiced vanilla base. It's yummy!

Divina said...

Ines, I tend to be a cheapscate with candles, but the last couple of years I am becoming more and more extravagant in my candle purchases. Now, this brand is thankfully quite modestly priced but I am currently SOOOOO tempted by the Mona di Oiro candles. When I have some extra cash I'll definitely spring for one of them. Hey, I tell myself it's okay since this year I'm constantly stuck in the house studying :P Rationalization, rationalization, rationalization :)

Divina said...

Really? I *love* rhubarb notes! Is it good? Does it have good throw? As mentioned earlier, I'm totally in the market for a good vanilla candle!!