Friday, August 22, 2008

Eucalyptus & Peppermint by Blackwick’s : Scented Candle Review

It’s been a while since I last reviewed a candle, and seeing as the weather is getting colder and colder (I am positively freezing today – outrageous, considering it’s still August), it seems like the time to start lighting scented candles again to create a cozier atmosphere in the house is drawing near: Fall is in the air. In order to cheer myself this gloomy morning, I decided to break the chilly air in the house with the companionable scent of my brand new Blackwick’s candle, and I am glad to report that the results were successful – Instant mood lift! (And I’ll admit, busying myself with creating a tasteful composition for the photograph below helped too!)

Blackwick’s is a Dallas based company and having just launched in 2007, a new player in the luxury candle scene. It is very heartening that the company is throwing all of its creative efforts and passion into one area instead of branching into a myriad of things, to ensure the high standards of their products: beautiful, handcrafted candles of excellent quality. Too, unlike other candle webshops which are disappointingly cluttered and as a result too daunting and confusing to navigate, the Blackwick’s website is a joy: clean, streamlined and easy to navigate, it gives shoppers the ability to find what they are looking for in a quick and easy manner, and -at least in my case- the urge to browse, to see what else is on offer. Shopping for candles should, after all, be a calming experience. The one I chose to burn on this cloudy day was the Eucalyptus & Peppermint candle from their Botanical line, and quite unexpectedly, it has been an utterly uplifting experience. I say unexpectedly, because the scent emitted from the unlit candle in its jar misled me to think there was a sharpness in the scent I didn’t quite enjoy. I needn’t have worried though: the burning candle released a very smooth, tender aroma with no hint of sharpness whatsoever. The scent is breezy and light, leaving a weightless aura in the air. The subtle aroma will please tired senses without overwhelming, but even though subtle, this candle is indeed effusive: it has excellent throw and will comfortably perfume areas adjacent to the room in which it is burning as well. I am impressed! The fragrance is fresh, with peppermint being more dominant and eucalyptus adding its characteristic gentle sweetness. Leaving the nose, throat and chest feeling lightly refreshed, it almost feels like the scent is the equivalent of sucking on an old-fashioned mint candy, with all the sweetness that entails. Most wonderful however, is the fact that despite its freshness, there is something about this scent that strikes me as utterly fit for autumn: it is somehow warming and comforting, the perfect companion for slightly chilly weather.

The prices are excellent, ranging from 3.50$ for the smallest (2 oz) tin presentation, to 19.95 for the largest (13.5 oz) glass jars. Blackwick’s is also offering a 30 days satisfaction guarantee, free shipping for orders that exceed 40$, and most importantly, 50% off for first time customers who enter the code '50Off'.

Image: Product shoot by Fragrance Bouquet. All rights reserved.


Jenavira13 said...

Oh Divina now you have this candle lover intrigued. Must not look at site.

Divina said...

Hey Jen sweetie :) I've been burning this candle all weekend! I love it cause it's light enough to allow me to enjoy other smells (my perfume!) but still manages to perfume my livingroom gorgeously. As for the site.. hehehe :) Even dbf really enjoyed looking at it! :P

Makes Scents said...

LOVE the recommendation! Long burning, High Quality candles are important.
Not only do they help to change my mood, I also use them in small gatherings to help "set the mood" - like zesty citrus scents for small get-togethers with the girls or apple pie scented candles for guests that are coming in and out of my home.
I hear many spas and showrooms use Scented Candles this way too!