Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mystic Tan’s Perfect Tan Holiday Kit

‘Tis the season of parties and the jingling of bells is not the only sound ringing in our ears! So is the soft clinking sound of champagne flutes, the swishing of cocktail frocks and the elegant click-clacking of party heels! Even though orange will never be the right skin-tone for anyone (don’t go overboard ladies!) many of us will be looking to get that subtle glow back to our winter-pasty skin in order to look picture perfect on those holiday shots. Mystic Tan has an exclusive, limited edition holiday gift set out, which includes everything one might need to create that natural-looking glowing warmth:

PRIME: NEW Exfoliating Wash cleanses pores and refines skin through gentle exfoliating that sloughs off dead skin cells, revealing the perfect palette for sunless tanning.

BASE: Sunless Conditioning Complex is a revolutionary Conditioning Complex that puts self-tanning worries to rest with Mystic Tan’s patented NutraMist deep hydrating delivery system. This system acts as a primer by balancing the skin pH level, ensuring even color distribution.

BUILD: Sunless Tanning Spray FACE & BODY takes the Mystic Tan technology out of the booth and puts it into your hands. Unlike other self-tanners, there is NO rubbing necessary so palms don’t streak. Sprays at all angles without any shaking, providing for an even, continuous application.

BOOST: Sunless Enhancing Moisturizer BODY is a DHA, vitamin-enriched daily skin nourishing moisturizer that boosts sunless tanning results and blends any under-applied areas naturally. The luxurious lotion can also be used every day to extend your tan or to create a warm, sexy glow with color that can be controlled.

The Perfect Tan Holiday Kit retails for $84, a $112 value, at Sephora and Barneys New York.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

I have been feeling a bit pale lately... maybe its time for a faux tan. Thanks for the review!

tmp00 said...

I've given up on tans. After 20 years in LA mostly without sunblock I've gone from the color of this page to a light beige. I'm not going to try for more.

I'm hoping the vampire teen movie will usher in a vogue for milky pale skin..