Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Basenotes opens votes for 9th Annual Fragrance Awards

Basenotes is one of the best online resources for fragrance lovers, offering a world of scented information at our fingertips: information on notes, listings by year and by house, blogs, articles, interviews and a lively community that is always willing to share information (Tip: Fragrance Bouquet loves the Basenotes Community City Guides for perfume shopping!). Focusing exclusively on the world of scent, it is no surprise that Basenotes readers are a highly targeted audience, and as such the opinions this community expresses have caught the attention of the perfume industry as well. This neatly brings us to the importance of participating in the voting for the 9th Annual Fragrance Awards! Let your voice be heard and participate! Doing so, also makes you eligible to win a $250 gift certificate, sponsored by FragranceNet to be spent on a selection of the thousands of products available at's online store. The prize will be offered to a randomly selected voter.

This year the categories are as follows:
• Best new fragrance (Masculine and Feminine)
• Best overall fragrance (Masculine and Feminine)
• Best fragrance for day (Masculine and Feminine)
• Best fragrance for evening (Masculine and Feminine)
• Best fragrance packaging (Masculine and Feminine)
• Best designer, mainstream or fine fragrance (Masculine and Feminine)
• Best niche, independent, artisan or boutique fragrance (Masculine and Feminine)
• Best mass-market, drugstore, budget or direct-sell fragrance (Masculine and Feminine)
• Best celebrity fragrance (Masculine and Feminine)
• Best fragrance house
• Best home fragrance
• Best fragrance blog

Go straight to the voting page by clicking here.

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