Monday, November 24, 2008

News from Ormonde Jayne: New Boutique, New Perfume

Everyone that has visited the Ormonde Jayne boutique in London, can’t help but gush at how amazingly beautiful and luxurious the interior is. Described by fellow perfume-lovers as the loveliest perfume playground to shop for scented delights, the Ormonde Jayne boutique has been there to satisfy our senses, from the olfactory, to the visual and tactile.

Now Dubai, a destination whose name has become essentially associated with glitz, glamour and over the top opulence has its very own Ormonde Jayne boutique. The newly opened scented haven promises to treat guests to the same luxurious experience guests of the London boutique have been enjoying for years: bronze smoked mirrors, black lacquered testing tables and mandarin leather topped stools that feature in the flagship store create an atmosphere that truly makes shopping an experience. The staff has of course been specially trained in the brand’s unique range and philosophy. The new store has been designed by Caulder Moore who created the flagship store's new look in 2006 and can be found in Boutique 1 at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, also known as JBR.

Ormonde Jayne also has a new masculine entry for its fragrance lineup! Zizan, the new eau de parfum, is described as a powerhouse scent with fresh, biting, citrus fruit notes and a smooth, rich, refined concentration of vetiver.

Official Notes:

Top: Sicilian lime, lemon, bergamot, clary sage, pink pepper and juniper berry.
Heart: bay, violet and jasmine
Base: Vetiver, cedar, must and amber.

Sounds yummy, and I can’t wait to smell it. For now, completely seduced by all this Ormonde Jayne talk, I’m off to spray some Champaca, which happens to be my absolutely favorite Ormonde Jayne scent.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi D! The boutique sounds perfectly luxurious. I have always wanted to visit Dubai...

Anonymous said...

I was surprised by how tiny the London store was. But what wonderful perfumes!! Tolu is the top one for me, followed by Taif and Orris Noir. Great line!

vicki archer said...

I think Ormonde Jayne candles are some of the very best - my favourites those that are reminiscent of casablanca lilly and frangipani.

Divina said...

Daily, me too! A friend of mine who studies management in tourism has had the opportunity to work in so many amazing hotels all over the world. One of them was in Dubai and she had the time of her life while living there!

Divina said...

Kim, I agree! Tolu is my second favorite! When I first started sampling the Ormonde Jayne line, Tolu WAS in fact my absolute favorite and it is still unbeatable in winter. However, I have been really seduced by Champaca ever since I got to know it better and now I *REALLY* need a bottle cause my small decant is almost empty!

Divina said...

Vicki I love candles, but unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure to try Ormonde Jayne candles... Are they very effusive/have a good throw? I will investigate more! To be honest, right now what I would *really* like is a By Kilian candle, but can't quite affort one with all the Christmas shopping I have to do :P Maybe a little later! ... But then again, I always find it hard to splurge on expensive candles... It's such a joy when I receive one as gift! Hey, is my family reading this? HINT! HINT!