Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fragrance Bouquet Loves Kanebo: Total Lip Treatment

I recently read that drinking straight from a bottle causes ‘smoker’s wrinkles’ around the lips (SHOCK, HORROR). Considering I have been keeping a 1,5 liter bottle constantly filled with water next to me for the last two or three years, thinking that I was doing my skin a favor, I am extra glad I have religiously been taking care of my lip area the whole time! So far I’ve been using Chanel’s Precision Ultra Correction Lip which is an excellent product in its own right, but after trying Kanebo’s Total Lip Treatment I quickly became a convert. How quickly? You could say instantly.

Right before leaving for my trip to Greece I passed by my local Douglas to replenish my stock of Kanebo Sensai products that were almost finished. Dieneke, my Kanebo Angel at Douglas threw in a Kanebo Travel Samples Kit when she heard that I was travelling the next day (Yeah, she’s awesome). The travel kit contained among other goodies, a sample pot of the Total Lip Treatment. The dry in-flight atmosphere forced me to take out the kit to treat my hands to some hand-cream and my lips to some of the yet untried lip treatment. And oh, how luxurious it was! The consistency is rich and luxurious, like an ultra-thick moisturizing balm. Dipping a finger in the pot feels like dipping it in high quality butter. On contact with the lips, the thick texture melts just right, seeping in without being runny. I applied it on the lips and around the mouth and instantly felt incredibly moisturized. I arrived in Greece with just two hours of sleep, but my mother gushed at how fresh I looked. I was just wearing a miracle blush by Dior and Kanebo’s Total Lip Treatment, but they were enough to give my face a fresh look. You see, even after the long flight, my lips were slightly shining and rosy. But what is the absolutely BEST effect of the product is that my lips were also incredibly plump, almost bee-stung! The same night, both my mother and I used the product again and woke up the next day with amazing looking lips. Needless to say, we bought full-sized bottles the same day, neatly taking advantage of a 20% off Sephora sale. (Yeah, I know, it would have been nicer of me to buy it from Douglas were I originally got the sample, but who can resist a sale? I ease my mind by considering how much money I already spend at Douglas every month…)

Kanebo’s Total Lip Treatment is part of their Sensai Cellular Performance line, Kanebo being one of the few mainstream brands (along with La Prairie) that offer products that promise to work on a cellular level to combat aging. Featuring CPX Vital Extract which contains five natural ingredients including apricot, the Sensai Cellular Performance line restores the original functions of the cells, protecting them from within as well as firming, moisturizing, and helping prevent wrinkles, while the Purple Orchid Extract promotes cell renewal. The Total Lip Treatment specifically promotes collagen production and improves collagen quality. All of this helps reduce the lines around and on the lips and results in the aforementioned lip-plumping effect. It also reduces dullness, restores vitality and combats roughness and dryness, leaving lips soft and smooth. (Seriously, I haven’t used lip balm once ever since I bought this!)

The full-sized product comes in a pump dispenser which I have to admit slightly takes away from the pleasure I experienced every time I dipped my fingers in that little pot, as it felt incredibly decadent and luxurious. However, as all beauty-junkies know, dipping a finger in a cream is never a good idea, as it contaminates the product. This has nothing to do with being squeamish, but everything to do with helping the product keep fresh and last longer. Half a pump is enough to cover the lips and round-the mouth area as well the laughing lines. How does the Total Lip Treatment compare to my previously favored product, Chanel’s Precision Ultra Correction Lip? Well, it is double the price of the Chanel lip treatment, but I do not have to endure the tagging and dryness I experienced with Chanel’s product (which admittedly is due to the lifting effect and not due to bad ingredients). Too, even though Chanel’s product also plumped the lips after a few days of continuous use, the plumping results of Kanebo’s Total Lip Treatment are not only immediate, but also much more impressive. I refuse to use plumping lip glosses since their aggravating nature is actually bad for the lips in the long-run, but I no longer feel I am missing out on anything! This absolutely amazing product makes my lips naturally full, supple and simply kissable. I love it! And as always, I love Kanebo.

Edit: Perhaps unsurprisingly, I just found out that this product also happens to be one of Angelina Jolie’s favorites as well!

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The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Divina- welcome back! I'm glad you had a restorative trip... This sounds fabulous... I tend to get very dry lips in winter and usually use Kiehl's lip balm #1 and Dermalogica multi vitamin power firm around the mouth and eyes, but I am always looking for something new. Thanks!

Ines said...

Hey Divina, nice to have you back. :)
So, if Angelina uses it, that explains a lot. ;)
If I got this right, the product is to be used for both lips and the lines you might have around them? I think I will have to try this (me, cosmetics addict)... :)

PinstripedZebra said...

He Div!

Looks like a very interesting discovery, especially in light of approaching winter! I know you use spf in everything you apply to your face, does this also have that?


Anonymous said...

Hi Divina, I use Clarins for my lips, both the lifting cream and the scrub, but this review makes me want to switch to Kanebo for sure :-) I think I'll give it a try after my products are finished.

xo Christine

Divina said...

Hi Daily! Thank you so much... I already miss it :) But I comfort myself with the thought that I will be back for Christmas :)

Divina said...

Ines, thank you! And yes, this product is to be used on the mouth, around it and on the laughing lines. Kanebo associates will also show the right movements (is it shiatsu massage?) to help diminish lines.

Divina said...

Hey sweets =^_^=
No, this one doesn't have spf which is just as good, since I don't use anything with spf at night-time. If I absolutely need seperate spf on my lips (I usually lightly pass my hands over my lips as I am doing my face)then I use Elizabeth Arden's 8-hour tinted spf lipbalms which I have in two colors.

Divina said...

Hey Christine :) I haven't really used any Clarins cosmetics aside from samples I have occasionally gotten. I say if it works for you, keep at it, but if you get the chance to try the Kanebo (at a counter maybe?) then give it a try!

+QPerfume said...

Wellcome back!

Abigail said...

I can't believe all these bottles of Evian water I've been drinking are making me look OLD!!

Divina said...

LOL, I know!! Me neither!