Friday, February 15, 2008

A Little Extra Reading

In the comments section of the last Smelly facts post, the lovely Anya from Anya's Garden and Z, from The Pinstriped Zebra were kind enough to provide some valuable extra information on the issue of Coumarin. Please take a look at this extra reading (links below) - the better informed we are, the better we can resist as well as inform others. Also, allow me to draw your attention to Cropwatch, the site which keeps a watchful eye on all related developments. Consider joining their mailing list - Be the change you want to see and participate!

Links, kindly provided by Z and Anya:

- Press release from the German industry association representing the cosmetics industry (IKW)
- Fragrance Industry Position Statement regarding Coumarin in cosmetic products (IFRA)
- Tony Burfield's January Cropwatch Newsletter

* Recommended Reading: Scroll down on Tony Burfield's January Cropwatch Newsletter and download the last .pdf file, titled "Coumarin - The Real Story Update

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