Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dior Addict Extravaganza : Perfume Reviews (Part Two)

Welcome back for the second part of “Dior Addict Extravaganza”. Today, reviews of Addict Shine and Addict 2:

Dior Addict Shine:

Dior Addict Shine starts out with an intense and rather generic, rather synthetic smelling hit of tangerine and grapefruit. Upon first try, I completely dismiss this as a disappointing failure. I forget about it and start going about my day, when about half an hour to an hour later, I suddenly find myself surrounded by a wonderful smell. Sure enough, the source is my wrist. I am astonished to find that the fruity-floral mess that was, has magically transformed to the most gorgeous, floral musk. The result is ultra-sheer and sensual, combining girly innocence with come-hither sultriness. This is most definitely a spring scent, shimmering, joyous and feminine. Although I do perceive hints of white florals, this undeniably synthetic mélange, does not allow me to pick out any individual notes aside from musk. I shouldn’t like this, but I really, really do. While it is extremely far removed from the type of scent I normally go for, there is something about it that has me hooked, like (uh-huh) an addict. I feel slightly sheepish liking this so much, because it is so unabashedly youthful: wearing it feels like I am going through a reversion to adolescence. I can see this becoming a favorite of younger girls and it will make a perfect gift that’s sure to please. Its musky eroticism however, makes it appropriate for any woman - young or old. I am not sure I would spend my own money on a full bottle of the stuff, but I would be absolutely delighted to receive this as gift. It’d become a spring favorite. Lastly, if you are to try this for the first time, spray once, and use a light hand. You’ll want to get to the gorgeous drydown quickly. Trust me.

Dior Addict 2:

Light, airy and intensely fruity, the opening of Dior Addict 2 does not do much to impress me. The predominant note is pink grapefruit, while freesias add subtle, watery hints. Giving Dior Addict 2 time to develop does not seem to do much to increase its appeal. Even though this is most certainly not a heavy scent, it somehow manages to be completely overpowering. There is absolutely no way to ignore it: like a shrill voice that never tires, it keeps demanding attention: it will enter your conscience and lodge itself there, refusing to leave until you finally succumb and scrub it off. No such luck for me: I had to give this one a fair chance, so I patiently waited through hours of its incessant whine to see its development to the end. What starts out bittersweet and, in comparison to what is to follow, almost pleasant, turns out sour and bracing, with an undercurrent of acerbic sweat. This is the smell of a house-cleaning product, not a perfume. Stay well away.

So, what are your feelings about these four, rather ubiquitous fragrances? Something I really appreciate about them, is that they are actually connected by an invisible thread, just as flankers should be in my opinion. Addict has produced some real flankers, not just connected by name but also by the juice itself. It is very gratifying when you realize that pink grapefruit is recurring in each and every one of these fragrances, as was realizing that lavender makes its return in Eau Fraîche. The vanilla is stronger (to my nose at least) in Eau Fraîche than in the original and the cinnamic spices more easily perceptible too: it feels that in Eau Fraîche they are allowed to occupy their own space somehow. The white florals remain a constant theme in every one of the four fragrances. While I feel reserved and doubtful about the quality of the juice (I can’t get the synthetic, chemical scent of Addict 2 out of my head), I now understand why the Addict line is so very popular. Does it deserve it? With the exception of Addict 2, I’d have to say yes.


Perfumeshrine said...

I guess you hinted at that other line of Dior flankers which are really not related: the Poison ones.
I never paid much attention to the Addict one: you reminded me to do so next time I'm at Sephora.

Divina said...

Helg, you got it, Poison was in my mind when I was writing this - but of course other lines from different brands crossed my mind as well. It is very gratifying when you find that a flanker deserves to be a flanker indeed. I never paid attention to the Addict line either before this, by the way. I bought the Hydramax serum however and got samples of Shine so then I went and sought out the rest. I'd love to hear what you think when you try Shine. I am sure your sensibilities would oppose to its synthetic nature, but I do wonder whether the drydown would impress you as much as it did me?

BeautyChick101 said...

I am so glad to read this post. I've been quite curious about these perfumes ... now I know which to try and which to stay away from!

seunwena said...

Goodness gracious , you are so right about dior addict 2..!!
I got Dior addict and it was love at first scent.I felt so sexy and the scent was could be a little overpowering though..
so when i finished the bottle, i asked someone to get another..he bought dior addict 2
I was like ok, maybe this would be another peasant fragrance and i was pissed at the first sniff..smelt like SWEAT!! but he'd bought it so i had to use it up.Always felt horrible during the day cos my body kept exuding this horrible smell(dior addict 2 sucks!) sweat even smells better than that perfume..