Monday, November 12, 2007

Something for my Dutch Readers

Back in May, I wrote a review of the now discontinued Libertine, by Vivienne Westwood. At the time, there were still a few testers floating around at some Ici Paris(Boo, Hiss!) boutiques and perhaps one or two bottles as well. Soon after, Libertine completely disappeared, or at least I stopped seeing it altogether in the boutiques I frequent. This Saturday though, I happened upon a drugstore I hadn’t seen before and I decided to step inside, even though it did not look all that interesting at first glance – too many shampoos and shaving paraphernalia and too few perfumes to truly make me think I was going to find anything truly interesting inside. I went in anyway though, and to my surprise, I discovered they still carry Libertine! The shop is called “Beautique La Birynth” and the address is Denneweg 13A, 2514 CB, ‘s-Gravenhage. Their telephone number is 070-3638194. They still have a few bottles left, as well as a tester. Do pay a visit an sniff Libertine while it’s still there, it’s worth the little trip!

I hope this is of help to those of you looking for a bottle of this delightful perfume, or simply curious to sniff it.

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