Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Soap Story : Esperys by Piver

A touch of the flu has left me feeling a little worse for wear since yesterday, with a stomach that can’t possibly stomach sniffing perfume at the moment. How hateful is that? Especially so when there are new discoveries on my desk waiting to be reviewed. Let’s hope it doesn’t last long – I want to share some of my new discoveries with you by Friday.

So, in the absence of a review today, how about a little follow up to my recent post on Courdray’s Esperys? It turns out I am not the only one intrigued by the questions that were brought up in that review. I received a few emails on the subject and one of them in particular was wondering, just as I was, how close the new Esperys might be to the original by Piver. I am afraid I still do not have a good answer for this question, but the email did prompt me to try and come a little closer to the truth. Despite my efforts so far, I have been unable to source some of the original jus, but ... I did know where to find the original soap! Do I hear you laughing? Yeah, I am too. It’s better than nothing though, I’m sure you’ll agree. Well, as it turns out Esperys the soap bares no resemblance to Coudray’s modern version. But then again, I now find myself wondering just how many features -if any- the soap’s scent actually shares with the original fragrance itself. I simply cannot imagine what I smell here successfully translated into a perfume, you see. There is the issue of the overwhelming soapiness of course, but behind that there is a rather unpleasant scent of sweet sweat. Aside from this, I also recognize the same base Piver used for their Heliotrope fragrance and a subtle floral bouquet slightly reminiscent of Floramye’s drydown. The mild sweat note combined with the soft florals creates a confusing ambivalence, as though the scent cannot decide whether it is masculine of feminine. All I can say is that I hope the original does not smell like the soap. On a more positive note, I delight in having this gorgeous little box on my dresser.

Image: Author’s own


chayaruchama said...

So sorry you're feeling unwell, sweetheart.

Too much at once, change of seasons ?
Sending you love and soup...

Linda said...

Dear Divina,
I hope that you're feeling better today: it's horrible to be ill, and so nice of you to think of us still, by writing this review,
Warmest wishes,

helg said...

Get better soon!! Flu can be so debilitating, can't it?
Get a hot bath with that soap you describe so well :-)

Divina said...

Chaya! You've been missed, dear one! Thank you for the warmth :) I believe it is something that is going around at this time - lots of people have the flu with the same disgusting symptoms and I guess it found me weak enough to get me - bleh :( Been way too busy lately, sleeping too little I guess. I am gonna try to take a little better care!

Divina said...

Linda darling, yesterday was a mess, but I am starting to feel human again today. I think I am even gonna manage the review I had promised for today!

Divina said...

Helg, it's like you were reading my mind...My body has been craving baths because of this stupid flu, it makes the muscles & bones hurt so much. Ugh, disgusting. *hugs* thanks for the wishes.