Monday, September 10, 2007

The Case of the Coveted Bottle

Givenchy is not the only one sponsoring a contest right now. Covet actually has its very own game, “The Case of the Coveted Bottle”, an interactive fictional story. In the game, Sarah Jessica Parker has been framed for the disappearance of a Covet bottle stolen from a Paris store and the players’ goal is to identify the true mastermind behind the theft. Melisande Champney, SJP’s Parisian publicist, will be giving clues and issuing challenges through her blog. The players, detectives in this interactive story, will need to follow up on those in order to win prizes.

Prize details:
The Grand Prize winner will receive $10.000 and a trip for two to NYC to attend Lucky Magazine’s Lucky Shops 2007, as well as a Covet gift bag, jewelry box and deluxe mini. One First Prize winner will win a flat panel TV valued at $1.200 and the Covet gift bag, jewelry box and deluxe mini. Finally, thirty second prize winners will be receiving the Covet gift bag, jewelry box and deluxe mini.

Additionally, the first person to solve one of ten weekly challenges will receive a green apple iPod Shuffle along with the Covet gift bag, jewelry box and mini. In fact, each time a player correctly solves a weekly challenge within seven days of its release, they will be eligible to win one of 35 Covet gift bags.

The Bonus Challenges also come with their own set of gifts: two lucky winners will receive an apple iPhone along with... you guessed it, a Covet gift bag, jewelry box and deluxe mini.

So, are you ready to hone your sleuthing skills and spend sometime solving the mystery? If so, go to Covet’s website and join the search. If you are a US resident you can automatically request a free sample of the fragrance from the main page as well.

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