Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Perfume Ruined : Harem by LR

While in Greece for the Christmas holidays I decided to order one more bottle of LR’s Harem, seeing as my bottle was just about finished. The LR representative brought me a new bottle a couple of days later, and as soon as I opened it I knew something was up: the color was different. Nevertheless, I thought I’d give it try, thinking that maybe it was just a very new batch and hadn’t darkened yet - which was not such an unreasonable thought considering that patchouli-heavy perfumes often darken considerably with age. Nope, the perfume has changed. And I do not mean it has just been tweaked either. No, this is a case of body-snatching: there is simply no similarity between the two at all. From fruity mandarin and chocolate-patchouli sumptuousness it has gone to an ambery-musky concoction, which, although not altogether unpleasant, smells cheap and common.

Drenched in cold sweat and feeling quite desperate (Harem has become one of my all-time favorites and I consider it a GEM), I called the representative and told her that the perfume had been changed and asked if it would be possible to find me some of the remaining old bottles. She told me she did not think it had been changed, as she had not heard anything about it. She promised however, to enquire about any old bottles she could find. A few days later, I received a call from her. Yes, unfortunately the perfume had been changed, her supervisor had confirmed it. Also he had five bottles left of the old one and did I still want them? Did I? I ordered all five.

I do not understand why LR has changed their bestseller and replaced it with this cheap, ridiculous juice. Harem was sensual, velvety, deep, lightly powdery, delicious, comforting, generously decadent, SEXY... Why change it? In any case, this post is meant to be a warning for those of you planning to buy this based on my review of the original, and for everyone else who lands on my original review in the future. I am going to edit that review and post an update there as well, so that no one is misled into buying this utterly changed, radically different scent. I have five bottles now so I am not all that worried about running out, however knowing that there will be countless lovers of this scent disappointed and unable to procure it again makes me SO mad. Bring it back LR! We can smell the difference!

Image: Flickr by Darwin Bell


Ines said...

OMG, I can't understand that so many companies go in that direction. Why can't they create a new one and leave the best-sellers be?
I'm really glad though you were able to get yourself a lifetime supply. :D

waftbyCarol said...

I have not sniffed this one , but knowing how much you love patchouli and DSH scents , have you sniffed Dawn's Vintage Patchouli ?
Boozy opening , earthy nuances , powdery , resinous , delicious . I have worn this almost exclusively for the last two months . I'll swap samples with you if you are interested....

Divina said...

Yeah, I know, probably money money money...

Divina said...

Would love to do an exchange packet with you :)
Send me a mail with stuff you're craving after? Either sth that you saw reviewed here on my blog or general notes and I'll put something together :)

Wont be able to mail anything till after Wednesday though, too busy with classes. Hugs!

PinstripedZebra said...

It is so annoying that companies do this. I really do wonder if money is the reason of the change or if it is rules that change with regards to ingredients.

You keep your readers well informed! As usual you are true to your heart!


Linda said...

Dearest Divina!
This is very bad news - I love the original and concur entirely with your description of "comforting and sensual". But good for you, to stock up with five bottles: at least you will have the lovely aura around you for some time yet. I hope your academic work is going well and that you'll have a lovely weekend,

AnnYM said...

Dear Divina,

It's belated, but I'm so glad to see your return - and in top form! I'll be looking forward to reading your comments again.
Big Scented HUG!