Sunday, August 2, 2009

Winners Eau Divine by Divine

Dear readers, I hope you will enjoy the article below on the Sniffapalooza London visit to Al Qurashi. If you find any glaring mistakes forgive me - it's HOT here in Greece!

Now on to the winners of the Eau Divine samples: Martin, Bettina and Double.Bound congratulations! I will send you your packets and extra goodies after the 23rd of August, when I am back! I used the randomizer list service as always, but since I do not have photoshop on this computer, I can't provide an image - sorry about that. Please email me your addresses.


ScentScelf said...

Have an awesome trip, D! Congratulations to the winners!! :)

Bettina said...

Divina, enjoy your time in Greece. Currently hot in Germany as well and we are lounging outside in the shade.
Wohoooo thanks. Did not expect to be amongh the winners. Just read it. What a nice surprise:)

Anonymous said...

And what about greek apomata, Divina? And what are you wearing in very hot mediterranean weather? Foreigner from a tropical country living in Geneva, I fight this dry heat almost bathing myself in L'Eau de l'Eau (Dyptique). When in Greece I was wearing Figue Intense from l'Artisan... and you? Yassou,aliki