Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Candlenut Perfume Oil & Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil by Juara : Perfume Reviews

The past week has been stressful, but I am glad to be making a return with two beautiful, uplifting, sunny products that are just perfect for warm weather. I’ve noticed that these two wonderful perfume oils have been flying under the radar of the perfume community, so it is my pleasure to introduce them to you. Let’s explore them together for the first time.

Juara, meaning “champion” or “winner” in Indonesian is a skincare line founded by four gorgeous young women that decided to build a company that combines the very best of their mixed cultural backgrounds. An East-meets-West philosophy forms the basis for the creation of every product: combining the rich goodness of powerful botanicals and traditional herbs from the Indonesian archipelago with western, modern science.

Aside from body and face treatments, Juara Skincare also offers two different perfume oils: Candlenut (named after one of the brand’s star ingredients, candlenut, a nut resembling the macadamia and known for its high concentration of fatty acids and its softening properties which has been traditionally used in Indonesia to treat dry, rough skin) and Tiare Jasmine, inspired by the Indonesian tea plantations.

Candlenut Perfume Oil: This is a deeply, truly exotic perfume that is perfect for the summer. The scent is completely transporting, spelling island getaway with every tropical whiff and begs to be worn with a sarong, sandals and a carefree attitude. It has top notes of effervescent, sparkling bergamot and seductive white florals over a fruity heart and a smooth vanilla/coconut base. Once the initial citrus-twist sparkle begins to fade, the white florals ease the senses into the ever warmer core of the heart, blooming as it were into a buttery scent of exotic fruit pulp (I smell Malay Roseapple, Mangosteen, Mango and hints of Pineapple). The aroma is deliciously sweet yet softly creamy and the zesty accents stop this tropical swirl from actually becoming saccharine. The base is predominantly coconut (a calm, yet effusive presence already detectable from the very beginning) bathed in soft rose scent and caressed by vanilla and clean musks. This is a must try for fans of Byredo’s Pulp and Sharon Bolton’s exotic creations as well as a perfect addition to the beauty bag of anyone travelling to a hot island this year. (Official Notes: Lush Greens, Freesia, Jasmine, Bergamot, Rose, Coconut.)

Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil: While Candlenut smells without a doubt of summer, Tiare Jasmine sings about the joys of spring, with its beautiful, crisp lightly floral green scent. And while both of these delightful perfumes are capable to lift my mood and spirits, transporting me to faraway places with their eloquent nature, Tiare Jasmine is definitely my favorite of the two. Tiare Jasmine presents the most vibrant image of brand new, young, gorgeously verdant greenery covered in dew. Succulent vine shoots and jasmine flowers combine with nectarous honeysuckle, scenting the skin with the most delicious green, fresh yet seductive perfume. It speaks of innocence, femininity and crystalline laughter placed in the context of the most carefree period of spring the mind can conjure. Notes of tea and bamboo lend a delicate eastern feel to this lovely composition. I am in love with this perfume and wholeheartedly recommend it to all lovers of green fragrances. (Official Notes: Tea, Jasmine, Tiare, Magnolia, Vanilla, Amber, Musk, Bamboo, Palm, Violet.)

Both of these perfume oils come in 0.3 fl oz (9ml) rollerball applicators and retail for $28. Both are complimented by their own lovely ancillary products (I love the candlenut scrub, which is not heavy duty, but gentle enough to use often and the tiare jasmine body milk which leaves skin silky and oh-so-gorgeous smelling).

If you would like to know more about Indonesian beauty rituals and recipes, check out the Juara Blog, written by the four founders of the brand. For more about the Juara Skincare world and products, check the official website.


Jenavira13 said...

These sound lovely and I intrigued by the Candlenut one (I have a hard time with jasmine prominent fragrances). Glad your feeling better, just got over my own insane finals week which was coupled with a heinous cold.

PinstripedZebra said...

The jasmine actually for me is the interesting one, traditionally I have not liked coconut (lately I have been informed that I do seem to like perfumes which contain coconut though). I am interested in smelling both, I like the concept of perfume oil in rollerball format, seems to be a handy way of applying and transporting.


Ines said...

Dear Divina, so glad to have you back! :) And with such a great treat. I should actually stop reading your blog, it turns out I get new ideas of what I'd like to try and buy every time I'm here. ;) These both sound great - I realized after quite a long time of not being sure I like jasmine that I actually adore it when it's nicely done. I'll have to try both of these... :)

waftbyCarol said...

Welcome back girlfriend !
Vivid descriptions as always !!
I just recieved a decant of Saffron James Ume-another lovely exotic summer jasmine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Divina, glad you did well on your exams! The jasmine one sounds perfect for me, I don't really do tropical things. But green AND floral? Sounds like it was made for me :o) Now, do they ship to Europe?


Divina said...

Hi Jen! I hope your finals went well. I don't know if it makes any difference, but the jasmine in this one is very very clean and green, not indolic.

Divina said...

*tickles Z* yes, I remember the coconut thingy that made you make your U-turn! ;) The compact, carry-everywhere-with-me nature of rollerballs is a major attraction for me as well, even though I prefer sprays.

Divina said...

Hi Ines :) It's good to be back! I don't mean to be an enabler, really :P *grins* Serge Lutens' A la Nuit is still my favorite soliflor jasmine. It's hard to escape jasmine so it's a good thing to like it - it's used in so many perfumes!

Divina said...

Oh Carol! Another one I've never heard about!! Did you review it? I'm comin' over to check it out!!!

Divina said...

Hey Christine, no, they do not ship to Europe from their own webshop, but dermstore which carries the whole line does. Have you ever shopped from Dermstore? I really like their service. (Not affiliated)

Melanie said...

Hi Divina and everyone,

I'm Melanie from JUARA Skincare. I have also became a fan of this blog! Moreover, I'm so glad you guys like how these two JUARA perfume oils sound!
Divina, Thanks for eveything girl ;)


Flora said...

I am pretty sure that I really need BOTH of these - yum!