Friday, April 3, 2009

Patchouli Sample Pack Winner

Ok, so I was planning a review of the new Prada Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger today, but seriously guys, you will have to forgive me! The weather is amazing! Those of you that live in rainy countries will understand: This is such a rare phenomenon, I'll just have to get my photosynthesis fix while I can! The review will be posted in the weekend instead! For now, here are the results of the patchouli sample pack draw: ChantillyLace is the winner! ChantillyLace, please mail me your details and I'll get the packet shipped to you :) Thank you all for participating and see you in the weekend with a review of the newest Prada!


PinstripedZebra said...

Oh Div, you are so right with this! Go outside to a terras, get yourself a nice drink and soak some rays!

I do look forward to the review and will be checking the blog during the weekend!


Linda said...

Dear Divina!
Enjoy the weather! Here in the UK it's bitterly cold, so we'll have to wait, I'm afraid! Anyway, really looking forward to the review of the Prada (will try to sniff it in London tomorrow..)
I loved your top ten patchouli fragrances. Lots of ideas there!
Linda :-)

double.bound said...

PDX is really nice today, too!