Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fragrance Bouquet Has Been Tagged!

Okay, so I don’t really do tagging games, or I thought I didn’t. But how could I refuse to play when I’ve been tagged by not one but four (!) of my favorite bloggers? It’s an honor, girls, and thank you for thinking of me! And the timing is perfect too: I am studying with such zeal for my exams, I probably won’t have a time for another post this week. So I hope all of you lovely readers out there will be content with some random info about me this week, and I’ll be back next week with more goodies I’ve been exploring all these days. (Yes, olfactory goodies have kept me going through these rough past two weeks)

First, the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you (Hey, that’s you Jenavira, Anya, Carol and Abigail!)
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Write six random things about yourself
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them
5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Random Divina things:
1) I collect shoes. Some years ago my db who is wonderfully crafty made a floor-to-ceiling display area for me, but the situation since then has gotten so out of hand the shoes no longer fit there and now there are shoes everywhere in the house: On top of closets in boxes, under sideboards and cabinets, under my dressing table and under the coat rack, just to give you an idea. (Yeah, he puts up with me, and I love him.)
2) My number one traveling destination is Japan, which happens to be my favorite country in the world after my own.
3) I have too much energy, which means that if I don’t exhaust myself on a daily basis I get bored and blue. The gym is what keeps me sane: doing high impact classes every day keeps me happy.
4) Photography is one of my hobbies, one I share with my dearest dad. I love taking shots of things that are considered ugly and showing their beautiful side: peeling paint, dilapidation and rust are favorite subjects. I also love playing with colors, geometry and shadows.
5) The scariest thing in this world for me is time. To me, it feels like time slips by so fast. Thoughts like this feel like a cold hand clutching my heart. I love life so much; I wish I could hang on forever...
6) Even though I know I’m really a city girl and I never really could live away from the excitement of urban life and all its conveniences, I can’t help but often daydream of having a house with the perfect huge garden that would have all my favorite fruiting trees. The trees of my heart would all be there: the generous, kind pomegranate I grew up with, the lemon and orange tree whose scents drove me wild each year when I was a child, the perfect fig tree that is no more, an enormous chestnut tree with its majestic shade in spring and delicious nuts come winter. And there’d be peacocks and ducks...

Now the people I will tag are: Tamara over at For the Love of Perfume, Sali at Pink Manhattan, Tom, who doesn’t only write about perfume on Perfume Smellin' Things but has his own blog as well, Pansy’s Rants, Chris over at Rosa Negra, Aimée at Mossyloomings and Max, a fellow perfume blogger from the Netherlands whose blog I was delighted to discover only just recently!

Image: Flickr, originally uploaded by ul Marga


Jenavira13 said...

Gotcha! hehe. We both share the same fantasy of living in the country and having a gorgeous garden with fruit trees. Unfortunately I suffer the problem of having the black plague thumb of gardening. I killed rosemary in California!

tmp00 said...

I posted my answer!

maisqueperfume said...

I am in love with japan since I was a little kid, that is why you can find always something about this country in my blog.
I am also urban and I love the country side.
When i lived in israel, I had both, with is pretty weird,but it happens. you see goats eating grass at ICQ's quarters....funny.
I love photography and I tend to walk around with a camera. I picture every single rock in Israel. But I can't say I am good at it.
Shoes...I love them but I find it hard to buy all I love. it would cost a fortune. I rather buy perfumes!
I have a pomegranate tree at home - nasty, it makes a mess....
i loved your posting and thanks for sharing a piece of your world with us. kissy

Cris Rosa Negra said...

Hi sweet Divina (divine)
Thank you for the game. Just to say that I played a lot and you are invited to read 6 things about me and a special words dedication to you.

Warm thoughts, Cris

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Divina- I so enjoyed reading these facts about you... your poetic nature and love of life is truly inspiring to me... thanks for sharing!

Perfumeshrine said...

Hi there!
Swamped with things to do myself these days, but stumbling upon these little facts was fun.
Shoes....ah.....*sigh* And I had an idea you liked Japan. But a house in the country with a huge garden? That is certainly something I didn't expect. (myself I'd be awful in this, gardening is a moot point)

AromaX said...

Well Divina,
Thanks for involving me to the game. But the first random thing about me is that I am pretty inert and share the similar thoughts about those tag games as you are... So, let's see how many tags do I need to get involved ;-)

It's really nice to get know six random things about you... Thanks for sgaring.

Divina said...

Jen, I thought I was really bad at gardening too, but it turns out that if I really care about a plant I will take good care of it. Trouble is, I am too lazy to actually follow through most of the time... I have a small number of success stories on my balcony at the moment however :)

Divina said...

Tom, thanks for playing :)

Divina said...

Oh, Simone, I don't know! Even though I love both and goodness knows I have enough of both, I can resist a perfume purchase, but never a shoe!

Divina said...

Cris, I loved your answers! I saw them while I was studying, but had no time to post a reply. Will get to it right now :)

Divina said...

Daily, you are so kind and sweet... Thank you so much! :)

Divina said...

Helg, that's the great thing about daydreaming - who does the gardening doesn't come into the picture! It's just all there to be enjoyed ;)

Divina said...

Max, it's okay, I understand :) Thank you for coming over to comment and let me know.