Monday, October 22, 2007


Dear Readers,

There will be no new posts this week, as I am studying for two exams I have to take: one in just two days, on Wednesday and the other at the end of this week, on Friday. Make sure to come back next Monday, to read what happened when Fragrance Bouquet took to the streets this time, in this month's Tried and Tested!

Thank you for your understanding,



Anita said...

Hope all goes well for you, Divina! I don't remember from your posts if you're a rose lover or not, but I just read in the Nov. Allure magazine that in studies where participants smelled rosewater the night before an exam, their overall alertness levels were higher. No help at all if you don't care for rose :) See you next week.

Dust Glitter and Vapor said...

Sending good exam vibes your way!

When in doubt, choose C. :)


Leopoldo said...

Good luck!

Divina said...

Hi Anita! Rose is not my favorite, I like it in blends but it doesn't seem to work on my skin as a soliflore, unless it is on the side of dirty (mmmm, Nahema!). I'd go for the rosewater though if it helped me remember everything about Event Related Potentials and their components though! *laughs* Seriously, I might just give it a go! Thanks for the advise.

The very stressed,

Divina said...

Anna, dearest, thank you so much!

Divina said...

Morning Lee! Thank you so much for the wish, it means a lot!

TMH256 said...

Best of luck to you D.!! I'll be thinking of you and wishing for the best possible outcome. ;-)


Linda said...

I hope that yesterday went really well and that tomorrow will be a runaway success. Have a lovely relaxing and self-indulgent weekend!

Arhianrad said...


I AM SENDING YOU THE STRONGEST 'HAVE A GREAT EXAM VIBES' EVER!!! I was too late for yesterday, but I hope you do great tomorrow! -HUGS-