Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Fragrance Bouquet is Back from Summer Vacation!

Three whole weeks of sun and sea, three weeks of marvelous sights and smells ... Do I feel rested? No, not quite. It’s not in my character to lounge much, preferring instead to wake up as early as possible in order to turn every single day into a whirlwind of activity, ensuring that not a moment of precious vacation time goes wasted. Trying to fit as much in a day as humanly possible can be quite exhausting, as a matter of fact. But what sweet exhaustion this is and how awkward it seems to be back, enrolled once more in the hustle of real life responsibilities. It took a three-hour flight to go from searing heat to chilling cold and I am still pretending I never returned, stubbornly wearing summer clothes and refusing to turn the heating on. Phonecalls, emails, appointments, books, friends and colleagues are all jostling for my attention but I can still take refuge for a day behind the excuse of having to unpack the inordinate amount of things I have brought back with me. But what I’ll do instead right now, is write for Fragrance Bouquet – because I’ve sorely missed it, as I have missed you all. There are lots of surprises waiting around the corner. Lots of trips we are going to take together, into the wonderful world of fragrance. Trips exciting enough to console me, now that summer is quickly coming to an end. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Jenavira13 said...

Welcome back Divina! Missed your writing while you were gone. I got your sample of Miyako, what a lovely beauty.It reminded me greatly of People of the Labyrinth with its smooth amber note running through it, but instead of almonds and cherries, it has that beautiful contrast of hinoki and spices. Which gives it the quality of rough and smooth, reminding me of raw silk.

Linda said...

Dear Divina,
Fantastic to know you're back: you've really been missed, but of course, everyone needs a holiday, especially you! Isn't the weather awful? Time for Autumn fragrances, I think. Now I'm going to read your Floris review - nice to know that this brand is widely available where I live. With warmest wishes, from a rain-drenched,