Friday, June 15, 2007

Perfume Randomness and Unrelated Excitement

Good evening! Today I am writing another little personal update, along with some random perfume thoughts and questions. Many of you have asked about the event I was organizing... Your inquiries warmed my heart :) The event itself was the first annual Cultural Festival... Considering it was the first, there was so much anticipation in the air: the outcome would determine whether the festival would become a tradition to be continued for years to come, or something to be left behind in sadness. My nerves were shattered on the days leading to the event and on the day itself I was a livewire. But I needn’t have worried! The event was not just extremely successful – it was amazing! I do not mean to bore you with non-perfume related details, but I guess I am still so drunk on the success I felt the need to share. I do not know whether any of my board members or committee members ever visit my blog, but if you do: thank you for all your extremely hard work! We did it! I will never forget this day as long as I live. For those of you wondering: I wore Opium FdS on the day... It’s not what my mind would have chosen – that would have been L’Eau Trois – but it is what my heart commanded and I had to obey, gladly I might add.

More excitement: I have a visitor from another country as a guest at the moment, a very special person who came to visit me especially for the festival and together we are traveling to Paris this Monday for three days. Visiting Paris was something of a promise I had made to myself – a little luxury, a little gift for all the hard work that has gone in this year. I do not know whether it will be relaxing as I am planning to visit all the perfumeries I have been longing to see with my own eyes for so long... I have to admit my top two destinations are probably the House of Guerlain and Parfums Caron. (Thank you Christine for your guide, it is invaluable to a first-time Paris visitor with little time on their hands and an ambitious sniffing agenda!) If you have any requests, like things you would like me to investigate while there, please post as a comment here or email me and I will do my best to comply. I am excited, but also slightly stressed. Do you ever have that? Stress before a trip? I always do, it is ridiculous.

So what else has been going on these days? Or rather, what has been going on perfume-wise? Well, first of all I’ve had a disappointment... I think the original Jean-Louis Scherrer perfume has been reformulated - for what I have found in a shop recently smells like a shadow of what I remember it to be. (and I do have a very good fragrance memory...) I am planning to telephone some kindly family member to see if I still have any of the good old stuff back home. I would love to review it, and if I am lucky enough to still have some dregs of the original, I’ll have it sent over and then I can do a side-by-side comparison. Furthermore, following Jenavira’s suggestion, I went to the Yves-Rocher store to sniff Neonatura Cocoon. I did not manage to find it and the SA was unfriendly enough to put me off asking for further information unfortunately. But what I did find was the Elixir de Parfum of Comme une Evidence which is absolutely fabulous. If you happen upon Comme une Evidence please, bypass the EdT concentration completely (it is horrible, really no relation at all between the two) and head for the Elixir, which is to die for. I am buying this as soon as possible – the only reason why it is not in my loving arms already is the fact that the SA really was rather obnoxious and I was not going to give her the pleasure of handing her any money. Finally, I have a request: Do any of you have some information on Les Beaux Arts by Christian Peschke? There are two fragrances, La Dolce and La Vita and their bottles can be seen here. I am afraid that the picture does not do them justice, they are very impressive in real life. I hope one of you has more information on them than I do, but if I get no responses on them I promise to investigate further and report back to you in a couple of weeks time, when I have time to revisit the boutique where I found them. They are quite expensive at around 240 euro each and I am very, very curious about the jus inside.

Pictures of Cultural Festival 2007, personal collection, thanks to J.J.S


Linda said...

Dear Divina,
Thank you so much for your fascinating account and telling us about your plans. (By the way, I wish I could have been at the Cultural festival!) Your trip to Paris will be a treat, I'm sure: please, if you have the time, would you sniff Guerlain's Liu, and Caron's En Avion? I really want to buy the Caron, but have not yet read a review! As for nasty SAs: I think we've all suffered, but that doesn't make it any less upsetting - you have my sympathies! With best wishes,

ladyjicky said...

Have a lovely time in Paris. You must go to Guerlain on the champs Elysee and caron but do look at the department stores Layfette and Printemps too. Off to Place Vendome and have a drink in the Ritz and visit Annick Goutal just down the road. you have to see Musee D'Orsay and say "hello" to the Degas pastel paintings for me. There is a lovely brasserie in Rue St Andres Des Arts called Allard - the best food in Paris and its not one of the $$$ restaurants either! Wander around in the Latin Quarter as its fascinating and that is where Allard is! Where are you staying? Oh, you have to visit Fragonard near the old Opera house , right bank. Very interesting and the scents are devine too!

Arhianrad said...

Divina, Divina--

I am so glad your cultural festival was a success! It sounded like great fun...

Anyway, I wish you a LOT of fun in Paris...I had a great time there when I visited :) Happy sniffings!

btw, thanks for reading my blog ;)

Divina said...

6 more hours till I have to wake up to get ready and catch the train..No, I can't sleep :\ I sort of always get that before travelling. Thank you soooo much ladies for your wishes! And thank you so much Ladyjicky (what a beautiful nick!) for your suggestions! Linda, dearest, I return with impressions on both Liu and En Avion :) G'night!